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Recent Content

All of the latest content from the blog.

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Digital Marketing

We know how important it is to nail your marketing. Find tips, guidance and inspiration on digital marketing in this section.

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Event Tech

From virtual event platforms to streaming technology, you can discover and learn about the most recent tech developments in the industry below.

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Conferences tag image


From the planning process to venue finding, you'll find inspiration by the bucket-load in our conference content here.

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Meetings tag image


Need a slick spot for those all-important meetings with clients, stakeholders, or your team? Allow us to inspire you with the best meeting venues in town.

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Summer Parties tag image

Summer Parties

Dive into the top venues for sizzling summer celebrations with all of our summer party content and venue suggestions on the Hire Space Blog.

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How To Guide tag image

How To Guide

Event planning tips, budgeting advice, sustainability inspiration... whatever advice you're looking for, we can help. Here are our latest how to guides for events.

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Private Dining tag image

Private Dining

Take a look at the top private dining venues in London and beyond, with recommendations and inspiration straight from the Hire Space Blog.

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Awards Ceremonies

Whether you're planning an all-singing, all-dancing ceremony or a small intimate celebration, we're on hand to help. Here you'll find our top venues for award ceremonies.

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Manchester Venues

Manchester is an exciting city with some amazing venues for events. Check out our latest venue recommendations here!

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Away Days tag image

Away Days

Whether you're after rural retreats, swanky spaces, or action-packed activity venues, we've got them all! Here is our latest away day content to give you some inspiration.

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Weddings tag image


Have a read of all our content on wedding venues and more from the UK's go-to website for brides and grooms to be. Get inspired for your big day with the most beautiful spaces at your fingertips.

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Christmas tag image


Bright lights, hot chocolate, and carols a-plenty, we love Christmas at Hire Space. Check out our content around the most wonderful time of the year!

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Top Venues tag image

Top Venues

Here you'll find a definitive lists of the best venues for all sorts of event types, including parties, conferences, weddings and many more, as reviewed by our team of Venue Experts.

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Accessibility tag image


Making events accessible is a non-negotiable in this day and age. For guidance for your own events, check out our latest content.

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Adapt With Arena tag image

Adapt With Arena

Here you'll find all of the content from Parts 1 - 4 of our Adapt With Arena virtual event series, brought to you by our brand new hybrid and virtual events platform, Arena.

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Arena by Hire Space tag image

Arena by Hire Space

Arena by Hire Space is a flexible, scaleable and affordable virtual and hybrid events platform designed by eventprofs, for eventprofs. Check out our latest content around Arena!

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Back to Business Live Stream Series tag image

Back to Business Live Stream Series

Our live stream series, ‘Back to Business: Events In A Post-COVID World’, shone a light on the issues affecting eventprofs during lockdown. Here's all the content!

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Bars tag image


Looking for the best spot for a get-together with your team, friends, or family? Here is all our latest content around the best bars in town.

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Beer Gardens tag image

Beer Gardens

Perfect for a balmy summer's day, we love a beer garden at Hire Space. Here's our top content around the best beer gardens in London.

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Birthday Inspiration tag image

Birthday Inspiration

Planning a birthday bash? Check out our tips and venue recommendations for an out-of-this-world celebration.

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Blank Canvas Venues tag image

Blank Canvas Venues

Looking for a blank canvas venue to make your own? Here is all our content to help inspire your product launch, pop-up, or brand activation. The event is your oyster!

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Brand Launches tag image

Brand Launches

It can be a nightmare trying to find the perfect venue to showcase your brand. With our latest brand launch content, you'll be inspired in no time!

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Case Studies tag image

Case Studies

Here you'll find a variety of case studies of real-life insights and applications from the events industry to help plan your own events.

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Celebrity-Worthy Venues tag image

Celebrity-Worthy Venues

Whether you want to catch a glimpse of a celeb or just want to feel like one, here's our latest content around fame-worthy hotspots!

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Ceremonies tag image


Looking for the perfect spot for your award ceremony or wedding ceremony? Check out our top content to inspire your celebrations.

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Christmas Parties tag image

Christmas Parties

Tasked with planning this year's festive celebration? Get our tips and tricks for the best party in town!

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Cocktail Inspiration tag image

Cocktail Inspiration

Whether you're planning a party, wedding, away day, or award ceremony, everyone loves cocktails! Check out our content to add some pizazz to your event.

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Cool Venues tag image

Cool Venues

From boats to bingo, Hire Space is a haven for cool, must-see venues for events. Here is a collection of our favourites!

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Coronavirus Updates tag image

Coronavirus Updates

COVID-19 threw a catastrophic spanner in the works for our industry. Here is all the content we wrote back in lockdown when looking ahead to a post-pandemic world.

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Corporate Entertainment tag image

Corporate Entertainment

When you're entertaining key clients and stakeholders, you need a seriously impressive backdrop. Get your inspiration here!

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Corporate Events tag image

Corporate Events

Whether you're looking for venue inspo, planning tips, or case studies from real-life corporate events, find them all here.

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Diversity & Inclusion tag image

Diversity & Inclusion

We all have a responsibility when it comes to D&I. Here you'll find our best content around this important subject.

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Drinks Receptions tag image

Drinks Receptions

From venue finding to networking and activities, 'pour' over our top tips and guidance for your exciting drinks receptions!

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Event Catering tag image

Event Catering

One of the best parts of any event is undoubtedly the food and drinks! Check out our latest content around event catering to pick up some inspiration.

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Event Suppliers tag image

Event Suppliers

Check out our content on our handpicked suppliers. Here you'll find our team's recommendations and plenty of inspiration for your upcoming events.

22 posts

EventLAB 2020 Online tag image

EventLAB 2020 Online

Watch and read all of the content from Part 1 and Part 2 of EventLAB 2020 Online.

13 posts

EventLAB 2021 tag image

EventLAB 2021

Watch the session recordings and read the key takeaways from all the sessions from EventLAB 2021.

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EventLAB by Hire Space tag image

EventLAB by Hire Space

EventLAB by Hire Space is designed to help events professionals learn, develop, get connected, and discover what’s new in the world of events. Check out all our latest EventLAB content here!

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EventLAB Series tag image

EventLAB Series

Here you'll find all the latest content, key takeaways, and session recordings from throughout the EventLAB Series, including EventLAB 2020 and 2021.

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Eventprofs tag image


From marketing to budgeting, here we include all our ideas and inspiration to help #eventprofs navigate our changing industry.

147 posts

Events tag image


From product launches to pop-ups, conferences to Christmas parties, here you'll find the ultimate collection of event content.

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Events News tag image

Events News

Looking for the latest news and trends from the events industry? We're here to provide you with the most up-to-date content around.

16 posts

Exhibitions tag image


Whether you're planning a large-scale trade show or a small exhibition with a few stands, look no further! We're here to keep you up to date with the latest venues around.

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Experiences tag image


Great experiences are the very essence of successful events. Whether you want to surprise your guests or just make them feel right at home, check out our content for tips on making your event stand out.

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Experiential Events tag image

Experiential Events

Immersive events that provide attendees with a fantastic experience are great for product launches or brand activations. Here are our tips!

9 posts

Fashion tag image


Planning a fashion show, launch party, or brand activation? Here are our recommendations for seriously chic backdrops for glam fashion events.

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Film and Photo tag image

Film and Photo

From venues with great filming capabilities to our recommended suppliers, here is our latest content around film and photo.

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Gala Dinners tag image

Gala Dinners

Planning a big gala dinner? Let us help! From catering recommendations to the perfect venue, you'll find it all here.

18 posts

Galleries tag image


Galleries are stunning spaces for all sorts of events. Check out our latest reviews and dreamy event inspiration here.

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Hire Space tag image

Hire Space

Fancy catching up with all our company news and updates? You're in the right place! Check out our latest Hire Space-focused content here.

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Hire Space 360 tag image

Hire Space 360

Here you can find all of our latest content around our full-service toolkit for event planners, Hire Space 360.

19 posts

Hire Space Awards tag image

Hire Space Awards

These blogs are all about the best of the best in the event world - as chosen by Hire Space!

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Hire Space Case Studies tag image

Hire Space Case Studies

Here you'll find a variety of case studies showcasing our products and services in practice.

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Hire Space Virtual Events tag image

Hire Space Virtual Events

Here you can find all content from Hire Space Virtual Events, including several virtual event series held during the pandemic and EventLAB Online 2020.

49 posts

Historic Venues tag image

Historic Venues

On the lookout for a venue steeped in history? Look no further! Here is our collection of stunning venues to inject some culture into your events.

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Hotels tag image


Hotels are a great choice for all kinds of meetings and events. Whether you prefer small and boutique or large and corporate, check out our favourite spots in our latest content here.

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Hybrid Events tag image

Hybrid Events

Here you'll find all of our latest content around hybrid events so that you can start planning memorable and engaging hybrid experiences for your delegates.

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Iconic Venues tag image

Iconic Venues

London has no shortage of iconic venues. From museums to landmark galleries and world-famous sporting venues, check out the creme de la creme here.

15 posts

Industrial Spaces tag image

Industrial Spaces

Industrial buildings work well for events - whether that's a large exhibition, creative pop-up or full-scale rave, there's something for everyone! Here's our latest picks.

4 posts

International Events tag image

International Events

For those seeking to go the extra mile with their event, check out our latest content around planning events overseas.

6 posts

International Women's Day tag image

International Women's Day

We hope you all take the time to celebrate this important day and recognise the achievements of all the wonderful women in your lives, organisations and teams.

2 posts

Last Minute Venues tag image

Last Minute Venues

Left event planning to the last minute? No fear! Here are our tried-and-tested last-minute venue options for a stressed out eventprof.

6 posts

Live Music tag image

Live Music

Live music can bring an event to life. If you fancy foraying into the world of musical offerings for your events, check out our tips and recommendations here.

8 posts

London Venues tag image

London Venues

The home of Hire Space, we think London is the best city in the world for events! Read all our top tips and venue recommendations in our latest London content here.

310 posts

Measurement and Analysis tag image

Measurement and Analysis

Putting on extraordinary events is only half the battle... you need to know how to measure, track, and understand the insights from your event so you can improve for next time! Here are our top tips on measuring your metrics and evaluating your event impact.

6 posts

Museums tag image


Museums provide an impressive backdrop for all types of events, from conferences to award ceremonies. Here are some of our favourites!

14 posts

Networking tag image


Sharpen those mingling skills and find the best spots to make connections: here are all our blogs about venues that are perfect for networking events.

16 posts

New Year's Eve tag image

New Year's Eve

The Hire Space Blog has the perfect pick of venues for New Year's Eve. Take inspiration from our selection to welcome in the new year in style!

2 posts

Office Parties tag image

Office Parties

Gain inspiration for your next office party with reviews, venue updates and more from the Hire Space Blog. Organising a work party doesn't need to be stressful!

54 posts

Online Marketing tag image

Online Marketing

Calling all marketers! Check out the essentials of the event marketing scene on the Hire Space Blog.

12 posts

Outdoors tag image


Check out our top venues for bringing the great outdoors to your party, with reviews and recommendations from the Hire Space Blog.

23 posts

Parties tag image


Get your guests in the mood for a party, with recommendations and reviews on the best party venues from experts on throwing a bash!

86 posts

Party tag image


Find the perfect setting for your party with top planning tips, venue recommendations, and inspiration from our owl-eyed crew.

54 posts

Pop-Ups tag image


Check out our top recommendations for venues for pop-up events on the Hire Space Blog. Take note and be inspired, and then book your perfect venue!

12 posts

Post-Pandemic Event Series tag image

Post-Pandemic Event Series

Here you can read all the content from our three-part virtual event series, 'Business And Events In A Post-Pandemic World'.

13 posts

PR tag image


Check out Hire Space's blogs about PR for practical insights and the latest on venues, events, and more in the industry.

6 posts

Press Launches tag image

Press Launches

Check out all our blogs about press launches to keep your finger on the pulse of the top venues for launches in London and beyond.

7 posts

Private Screens tag image

Private Screens

Creating a cinematic experience for any event is easier than you think. Check out our reviews on venues with private screens for your party or presentation.

4 posts

Product Launches tag image

Product Launches

A great venue is crucial for any creative product launch. Here we share our favourite ideas from our most unique locations. Need more inspiration? Just ask.

24 posts

Production tag image


Every event needs its accessories. Read our tips and recommendations for production companies to get lights, sound, stages, staff and the rest spot on.

7 posts

Quirky Venues tag image

Quirky Venues

Looking for a quirky, unusual venue for your event? Read reviews, see photos and get recommendations from our team of eagle-eyed venue connoisseurs.

30 posts

Reception Venues tag image

Reception Venues

Here you'll find our recommendations and picks for the top reception venues for you to entertain your guests, from intimate spots to colossal spaces.

31 posts

Reset Connect tag image

Reset Connect

Here you'll find all the write-ups of the content sessions from Reset Connect, providing guidance and inspiration on transitioning to sustainability in the events industry.

5 posts

Rooftop Venues tag image

Rooftop Venues

Dive into the cream of the crop of rooftop venues from the Hire Space Blog, reviewed and recommended by our choosy team!

16 posts

Safer Events tag image

Safer Events

Here you'll find all of our content around safer events, as well as the Hire Space Safer Organiser and Venue Accreditation.

28 posts

Stadium Venues tag image

Stadium Venues

Read up on our recommendations and reviews of stadium venues on the Hire Space blog, and find the perfect base for your event.

8 posts

Sustainability tag image


Sustainability is a big deal for the events world. Here you can read all of our content around sustainability, including how to make your events more sustainable going forward.

35 posts

Sustainability Case Studies tag image

Sustainability Case Studies

Looking for inspiration for planning sustainable events? You've come to the right place: here you'll find our case studies of events that have set the benchmark for sustainability, so you can take away some key inspiration!

2 posts

Sustainability Resources tag image

Sustainability Resources

If you're looking for guidance on planning sustainable events, we've compiled our guides and resources here. You'll find advice from organisations on setting targets, measuring your impact, and much more.

6 posts

Sustainable Venues tag image

Sustainable Venues

Looking for a venue that aligns with your event's sustainability goals? Here you'll find our selection of the venues that are doing the most to reduce their footprint and meet the green grade.

7 posts

Team Building tag image

Team Building

The mention of 'team-building activities' doesn't have to strike fear into your colleagues! We've gathered some of the most versatile and exciting venues to get everyone bonding.

25 posts

The City tag image

The City

The Square Mile is home to some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants in London. Here you'll find reviews and suggestions of the best venues in The City on the Hire Space Blog.

10 posts

The National Gallery tag image

The National Gallery

The National Gallery is one of Britain's national gems. Here you'll find behind-the-scenes looks at how it can be transformed to make your event a masterpiece.

2 posts

Trade Shows tag image

Trade Shows

Here you'll find our top picks of venues for trade shows, as well as advice on taking your show hybrid or virtual.

3 posts

Transport Venues tag image

Transport Venues

Planes, trains and automobiles. Check out the impressive venues that embrace the history of transport, with exclusive reviews and sneak peaks on the Hire Space Blog.

2 posts

Unique Venue Of The Month tag image

Unique Venue Of The Month

Each month, Hire Space picks an event space to be our Unique Venue Of The Month. Take a peek at our round-up of the best venues around for inspiration!

26 posts

Unique Venues tag image

Unique Venues

Here you'll find our round-up of the best, boldest, and most unique venues on Hire Space to make your event stand out. The more unusual the better!

72 posts

Unusual Venues tag image

Unusual Venues

Have a browse of our unusual venues on the Hire Space Blog, specially-selected to make your event stand out. From sky-high spaces to underground tunnels, we've got them all.

52 posts

Venue Design tag image

Venue Design

Industrial or ingenious, these blogs show some of Hire Space's venues' stand-out features – from rainbow staircases to saddle stools. Get ready to take notes and be inspired!

9 posts

Venue Finding tag image

Venue Finding

Here you'll find all of our latest content on the best venues around London and the UK, designed to give you an expert's insight into the best choice for your in-person or hybrid events.

118 posts

Venue Hire tag image

Venue Hire

Here, you'll find us doing what we do best: showcasing the top venues in London and across the UK to make sure you find the perfect space for your next event. Check out our favourites now!

18 posts

Venue Marketing tag image

Venue Marketing

Here you'll find all our top tips on the basics of online marketing for venues, from photographing your spaces, to crafting expert, inspiring copy.

45 posts

Venue Marketing Series tag image

Venue Marketing Series

In this series we discuss the essentials of online marketing for venues, and how to make your venue stand out on Hire Space and beyond.

9 posts

Venues tag image


Here you'll find all of our content specifically tailored for venues. Check out our top tips on getting noticed on Hire Space, making your venue accessible, and much more.

42 posts

Virtual Events tag image

Virtual Events

Here you'll find all of our latest content around virtual events, providing you with the ultimate toolkit for every stage of the planning and delivery process.

76 posts

Women And Sustainability tag image

Women And Sustainability

This content series celebrates the women making moves in sustainable living, as part of International Women's Day 2020. Have a read to get inspired.

5 posts

Workshops tag image


Here you'll find all our content and reviews on workshops and creative spaces on the Hire Space Blog. Have a browse to pick our brains on the top venues on offer.

19 posts