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Transport Venues

Planes, trains and automobiles. Check out the impressive venues that embrace the history of transport, with exclusive reviews and sneak peaks on the Hire Space Blog.

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'All Aboard' for Events at the London Transport Museum

Famous around the world, London's transport network is truly iconic. From the bright red Routemaster to the Underground symbol, the design of London’s transport is instantly recognisable and beautifully housed within this dedicated museum.

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Transport Venues

5 Venues That Celebrate London Transport

London transport is iconic; red buses, the red and white tube sign and carriages are known the world over. It might not always be reliable and by golly, the tube is a sweaty experience in summer, but it's such a representation of London we think it's worth celebrating. And we're not the only ones, there are countless bars, restaurants and event spaces based around our 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' (and boats and buses...). From abandoned tube stations

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The Top 5 London Conference Venues With Great Transport Links

As Laura Richards explained last week in her piece on event trade shows, the shift to digital is doing nothing to halt the tremendous importance of meeting, engaging, and interacting in person: you just can't replace face to face. But - let's face it - getting people to meetings and conferences inevitably involves guests struggling to get there, turning up late, and sometimes not at all. So, Tommy Shane has assembled for you the top five London conference venues with excellent transport links –

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