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Here's Why PR and Marketing Agencies Use Hire Space

We're inundated with enquiries, requests, and last minute favours from PR and Marketing Agencies to help with booking London venues, whether it be for a small Shoreditch studio or Searcys at The Gherkin. You might wonder why so many people are turning to us, but it's actually very simple.

By running through five key principles that make us the go-to London venue hiring service, you'll see why next time you need to launch a product or organise a press day, you should consider speaking to our team.

Brand New Venues Every Day

1. Brand New Venues Every Day

We have twenty-five new venues coming in each week, making us the UK's fastest growing venue resource. With venues coming in at such a speed, we also have a back-log of available venues that are so new that they are yet to go live online, and so are only accessible through our team.

Our public website and private database keeps Hire Space on the cutting edge of the industry. This means that PR and Marketing agencies can stay constantly abreast with all the new available options, and can recommend brand new spots that your competitors won't have used before.

2. Expertise

When you need to book an event, you need a venue that will precisely fit your specific needs - and you need it fast. Because you don't have time to trawl through an unmanageable database of possible locations, we have a team of specialised venue experts.

Not only do our experts have an encyclopaedic knowledge of London venues, they are intimate with the details and nuances of each space and everything it could offer you. This results not only in speed, but also a venue hand-picked for your needs. And it's all completely free.


3. Transparency

Before you even pick up the phone to our venue experts, PR agencies have immediate and upfront access to all our venues' prices on our website. Unlike most venue websites, we are entirely transparent when it comes to pricing, and you'll never find a cheaper deal if you go direct.

Rather than spending time with venues unsuitable to your budget, agencies know straight away what prices they're looking at, meaning they can make quick, informed judgements.

4. Negotiation

If you want a minimum spend instead of a price per head, or a dry hire instead of a wet hire, then you need to work out a deal with a venue manager. This is where our negotiation expertise and experience save you both time and money.

We can negotiate a deal tailored to your requests, and there's a good chance we'll have struck a deal with the manager before. Our personal relationships help us to negotiate the best possible deals, saving agencies money.

5. Industry Connections

We know what works. When you're organising an event for a client, everything has to go perfectly. Whether it be transport links, the amount of natural light, disability access or the licenses, we remember what you can't afford to forget.

But we also know the people you want to connect with - the caterers, the security teams, the technical experts. We have close relationships with the service providers you're after, and so can advance your event with the connections agencies need.

Visit Hire Space to find out more about how we can help your PR or Marketing agency, or give us a call on 0207 099 2512 to set up your own free account manager.


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Tommy Shane

Marketing Manager at Hire Space

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