We asked the experts over at The Events Structure if they had any advice for weatherproofing your events. There's nothing worse than planning the perfect product launch only for the weather to rain on your parade. Here are their top tips.

The success of an outdoor marketing event often depends on elements out of an organiser's control. Months of event planning and massive amounts of marketing budget can come down to a simple weather forecast. And as the British weather can be all-too temperamental, it's essential to preparefor all types of weather.

Here are seven golden rules to plan for an all-weather event, to ensure your marketing promotionsare a success come rain or shine:

1) Have a Plan in Place

Weather can ruin the most high-budget of events, so it pays to have a plan in place. If activities are sunshine permitting, it's worth arranging alternative options that can keep attendees happy and engaged even when downpour is on the agenda.If serving food and drink, make sure options are practical and more importantly, disaster-proof.Snacks and beverages options should include options that don't require cutlery.

2) Consider the Event Structure

Finding the perfect structure for your event is essential when organising an outdoor event. A strong structure prevents the wind from causing harm while a waterproof solution will prevent water damage. Whatever the event structure, it must be anchored and secured.

3) Map out the Logistics

To avoid operational issues, you must consider all logistics. Map out all elements of the outdoor event to guarantee everything is effectively coordinated. Consider how equipment will be transported and whether you require trackway to protect your vehicle(s), as well as timeframesrequired to set up.

4) Accommodate Attendees

Make sure you're able to accommodate visitors whatever the weather. Attendees will appreciate shelter during rain pour and outdoor seating during sunshine. Ensure your structure is effectively branded or signposted and recognisable in all weather conditions.Hiring a shelter may increase overall marketing budget for the event but you will be able to maintain profit margins whatever the weather.

5) Look After Promotional Staff

If hiring promotional staff, ensure they're motivated and empowered to keep the event running smoothly in all weather conditions. Consider providing umbrellas and raincoats during wet conditions, warm hoodies and heaters during colder conditions, and sun hats and water bottles during warmer conditions.

6) Follow Health and Safety

It's important that your marketing event follows all health and safety protocols. Put systems in placeto stop hazardous scenarios from occurring and ensure staff can deal with all problems in a matter of urgency.

7) Think About Powering Your Event

Ensure you have enough power and power sources to run your event. As well as items necessary tothe running of your event, consider light, sound and heaters (if required). It’s important all power is protected and safe to work in all weather conditions. Powering your event is the key to success.

With a well-thought-out plan and an all-purpose structure, bad weather doesn't have to ruin your event. The Events Structure offer a range of portable and temporary event structures; from exhibition trailers and roadshow trucks to event shipping containers to mobile promotion vehicles,there's a solution to accommodate all marketing events, no matter the weather.