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7 Quirky London Museums You'll Love

London is full to the brim with museums - historical, artistic, dramatic - you name it, London has it. Museums make an incredible venue space. They often have an abundance of space and provide a different kind of backdrop for your event- all while being informative and beautifully set!

Below are some of the quirkiest museums in London, ranging from Leighton House to the history of London’s Transport. These museums are wonderfully unique, and each space would be perfect for an event. 

1. Horniman Museum and Gardens

The Horniman Museum and Gardens is a beautifully unique museum, with stunning views of the London skyline to admire. Guests can relax in the 16 acres of land, and unwind in the various different locations on-site - including the stunning Victorian conservatory.

The rooms inside the Horniman Museum and Gardens are a mixture of historic galleries and modern architecture. The Conservatory is a blank canvas, where you can create the perfect event that is suited to your needs. For intimate ceremonies, the Bandstand is simply picturesque, with incredible views of the London landmarks. Finally, for more business-based events, try the modern Pavillion, which is sure to cover your needs. 

The Conservatory
The Bandstand
Left: The Conservatory; Right: The Bandstand

2. Leighton House Museum

Located in the prestigious Kensington, Leighton House Museum is a beautiful venue that is perfect for any intimate occasion. Guests will be surrounded by Victorian artwork and intricately detailed interiors as the event unfolds. For an event with a twist, host an event in the beautiful Arab Hall- Inspired by Arabian art and interior, this space is a true masterpiece. Perfect for corporate dinners, birthday celebrations, product launches and more! 

Leighton House
Leighton House
Leighton House

3. Museum of Brands

Get lost in the Time Tunnel that is the Museum of Brands. Located just off Portobello Road in Nottinghill, this museum explores consumer culture and the history of some of the most loved British brands. This venue is truly inspiring and is the perfect place for your next conference.

Guests can learn how brands have evolved over time - from the Victorian era, right through to the present day! With floor-to-ceiling windows and a quirky grass floor, guests can enjoy an event with a difference.

Museum of Brands
Conference Room
Left: Museum of Brands; Right: Conference Room

4. The Design Museum

Be bold, creative, and beautiful at the Design Museum. Let the night unfold with triple-height ceilings that are made out of 25 tonnes of copper. This iconic venue is incredibly versatile - it is contemporary in design, and perfect for events both large and small.

The Grade II listed structure is the only public building designed by John Pawson. It contains six event spaces, all housed underneath the original hyperbolic, paraboloid roof, an impressive structure that comes with incredible views of London.

The Atrium
Helene and Johannes Huth Gallery
Left: The Atrium; Right: Helene and Johannes Huth Gallery

5. London Museum of Water and Steam

The London Museum of Water and Museum is a fascinating venue that explores London’s water supply, the site, its people, and how it has helped make London what it is today. It houses the world’s largest collection of stationary steam pumping engines which will leave guests fascinated, as they learn about the history of the engines, and how they work at your very own event!

The Steam Hall is the perfect space for those who want a different event. From pop-up exhibitions to parties, and product launches, host an event with a twist at the London Museum of Water and Steam.

The Steam Hall
The Steam Hall
The Steam Hall

6. London Transport Museum

Nestled in the iconic Covent Garden, the London Transport Museum offers a glimpse into the evolution of urban transport. Housed in a stunning Victorian building with a glass roof, this museum showcases the city's transport heritage, including the famous red Routemaster buses and early tube carriages. The venue provides a dynamic backdrop for all kinds of events, with versatile spaces like the Museum Galleries and the high-tech Cubic Theatre.

The Galleries
Cubic Boardroom
Left: The Galleries; Right: Cubic Boardroom

7. Museum of London

The Museum of London offers a deep dive into the city's rich history, from prehistoric times to the modern day. Located in the heart of London, this venue provides a captivating setting for events with its blend of historical artefacts and modern design. The museum's galleries are versatile, allowing for a range of event types, from elegant dinners to corporate gatherings. This venue is particularly suited for those looking to add a historical dimension to their events, providing guests with an enriching experience that goes beyond the usual event setting.

Whole Museum
London Ellipse Hall
Left: Whole Museum; Right: London Ellipse Hall

If you're up for a splash of uniqueness, with a dash of history, London's quirky museums are your go-to spots. From the cool, transport-themed treasures at the London Transport Museum to the artsy vibes of Leighton House, there's a little something to tickle everyone's fancy. Dive into these gems to spice up your event with some fun, learning, and a whole lot of quirkiness!


Ready to explore more of the quirky side?

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