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Search and explore the best event venues in London, from museums to speakeasy bars. These unusual venues are set to impress for every occasion.

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On the hunt for an unusual event venue for hire? Our Venue Expert team has trodden many a city pavement, tracking down a multitude of secret spaces to create the largest venue resource in town. People are increasingly looking for a venue with the 'wow-factor' and we understand the need to impress whether for corporate events and conferences or an exclusive party. London is full of amazing iconic buildings that are available for private hire, from historic palaces steeped in history, to sporting venues, arenas, galleries and museums...the list goes on.

We've chosen a few of the best from the huge selection from across the city to guide your search. If you like the look of one (or more), just enquire directly through Hire Space. If you need more guidance, our Venue Experts can help too, they'll take your brief and handpick venues that perfectly suit your requirements, with best prices negotiated, and all for free. Pulling off a unique, memorable event has never been easier, so get in touch to kick off your search today.

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Your Guide to Hiring Unusual Event Venues in London

Why are unusual venues popular?

Hiring an unusual event venue comes with a whole host of benefits, so it’s not surprising that they’re so popular.

First and foremost, unusual venues are a great way to showcase your brand personality. Remember, your brand is something that resides in the mind of a consumer. It’s not something that you can see or touch like a product or a logo, but rather a psychological idea and feeling that your brand represents, as Kuba Wieczorek (co-founder & former CMO of eve sleep) outlined in his workshop 'A Holistic Approach to Marketing' for EventLAB 2021.

By hiring an unusual event venue, you leave yourself room to create a whole new experience for attendees that they’ve never encountered before, using your venue as a way to demonstrate your brand’s identity and values.

Unusual venues also have the added benefit of being memorable. If you assume that your attendees go to a number of events each year, then making yours stand out is no easy feat. By hiring an unusual venue, your event will be different from the outset, giving it the best possible chance of living on in your attendees’ minds long into the future.

Finally, unusual event venues are often spaces that your attendees wouldn’t regularly have access to in day-to-day life, or at least that they wouldn’t expect to have exclusive access to (consider museum venues, which your attendees may regularly attend with the crowds at the weekend but wouldn’t expect to sip champagne in after hours). This gives them an exclusive feel that comes with plenty of social media photo opportunities – helping you to spread the word of your event far beyond your attendees, and to create a real fear of missing out for those not present.

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