Bottles are the perfect items to recycle, not just into new bottles, but into totally new party creations.

With a little imagination, and often a very little amount of money (it's usually free!), you can take this everyday item and transform it into something that will make your event amazing.

1. As cute wine gnomes

Wine gnomes

Perfect for the Christmas party. Just roll up some felt, glue on some fur, and stick on a nose.

2. As delicately dangling decorations

Dangling decorations

Tying string around bottles, and hanging them from above, can help you to (very prettily) carve your own space inside a larger venue.

3. As flower poles

Flower poles

Use these to guide your guests around an outdoor venue.

4. As table numbers

Table numbers

Slice the cork and insert a number, or just paint directly on the bottle.

5. As glass lanterns

Glass lanterns

This example is complicated, but there are all sorts of ways to put tea lights inside bottles.

6. Inside a wheelbarrow


Get your beer bottles and keep them cold with a rustic feel.

7. As candle holders

Candle holders

Watch the candles drip and form a waxy sculpture around your bottles.

8. As table flower vases

Flower vases

Couldn't be simpler.

9. As champagne wedding favours

Champagne wedding favours

Go on. Give them a real treat.