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5 Easy DIY Decoration Ideas For Your Summer Party

When it comes to theming and decoration for your summer party, more is more! We love a fun theme, whether that's a floral garden party, beach theme or festival, and there are so many easy DIY ways you can add some finishing touches. The finishing touches are what will set your event apart from the rest, and it needn't take a huge budget to create something totally beautiful.

Check out these five ideas for event decorations that you can do yourself and on a budget, that will take your summer party to the next level. And of course, if you need to draft in the professionals, we have strong relationships with the best suppliers in the industry, so just get in touch!

1. Colourful Umbrellas

Umbrellas are most certainly an item you'd rather not have at a summer party, even with the British weather, but we're using these for something a little bit different. Hanging upside-down umbrellas creates an amazing backdrop for a party. Providing pops of colour and an effortless way to make large venues or outside spaces more intimate. Combine with flowers and fairy lights and you've got some showstopping decoration that you've created all by yourself!


2. Mason Jars

Probably best known for pickling and jam-making, mason jars are actually brilliant to use as event decorations. They are so versatile, that you can use them as make-shift lights, centrepieces, candle holders...the list goes on! Fill them with fairy lights, shells or candles to light up your evening event or with flowers for an easy centrepiece. They also look great covered in glitter for some added glamour!

Mason Jars

3. Chair Ribbons

Again, this couldn't be easier, and it also offers you the chance to spruce up any furniture that may have seen better years. Just find some ribbon that works with the rest of your event's colour scheme, and simply tie it around the tops of your chairs. Use strips of different colours and you'll have your guests reminiscing about the seaside and sticks of rocks - what could be better at a summer shindig? It's a simple, effective, and beautiful way to transform your event space.

Chair ribbons

4. Paper Garlands

This one's a little trickier to pull off, but the results can be amazing. Folding these shapes can be fiddly and time-consuming but definitely worth the effort, here's a template if you want to go for it! Alternatively, you could use premade flowers to achieve a similar effect. If you're looking to divide up your space or provide a backdrop for photos, this is a beautiful and elegant way to do it. Just make sure to recycle them after - sustainability is key!

5. Potted Plant Centre Pieces

Instead of traditional cut flower arrangements, use potted plants as centrepieces for your tables. Choose plants that are easy to care for and fit the theme of your party, such as succulents, herbs, or flowering plants. After the party, guests can take the plants home as a sustainable party favour, or you can incorporate them into your garden. Potted plants are a long-lasting and eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers, providing beauty long after the event is over.

Champagne Popsicles

If you love the look of these or want to find some more inspiring theming ideas, check out our range of suppliers. For more guidance, our experts at Hire Space will help you take your event to the next level, so just get in touch below.

Plus, if you'd like to chat with us about planning events in 2024, get in touch with our experts at Hire Space 360. Happy planning!


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