In the UK, there are hundreds of stunning, innovative and aesthetically jaw-dropping meeting rooms. The best part is you can hire all of them through Hire Space!

But these are the most elaborate and intriguing meeting rooms from places all around the world. Which is your favourite?

1. This wood enclosure

This wood enclosureSource: Princeton University

2. This glass chamber

This glass chamber

3. This minimalist, monochrome room

This minimalist, monochrome room

4. This taxidermy inspiration

This taxidermy inspiration

5. This red box

This red box

6. This light-tube lit boardroom

This light-tube lit boardroom

7. This lego work-meets-play room

This lego work-meets-play room

8. This industrial space

This industrial space

9. This wood-stacked boardroom

This wood-stacked boardroomSource:

10. This sliding-door room

This sliding-door room

11. This semi-private stripped-down space

Semi-private stripped-down space

12. This chalkboard walled room

chalkboard walled room

13. This space with a reclaimed-wooden table

Reclaimed-wooden table

If you love the look of these meeting rooms or want to find some more inspiring spaces, our experts at Hire Space will help you find the perfect venue - and it's free to use! Get in touch below.

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