"I'm looking for a Wedding Venue that is outside the City, yet easy to access via public transport and that isn't Bradford."

We're not sure the exact reasons behind our emailer's apparent disdain for Bradford, but we think we can help with her Wedding venue query. North London will be our focus, and with a six-week stint sleeping on a lounge in Finchley under his belt, who better than James Roche to present today's issue of the London Review? Here we go ... five North London Wedding Venues!

Mill Hill School

Button Mill Hill School

Featuring more event spaces than Liza Minnelli's had husbands, Mill Hill School is the ideal venue for any special occasion. Staging your wedding ceremony here won't guarantee a life of marital bliss but it's got to improve your chances - just check out the awesome pictures in the venue profile! If only Liza had contacted us earlier ...

Kick off your big day with nuptials in the impressive hall before treating yourself to garden views and a delicious spread courtesy of the dining hall.

A popular location for film and photography shoots, the Mill Hill School grounds are a North London treasure. Just make sure you're quick to post those pictures - it's not official until it's on Facebook.

Avenue Banqueting

Button Park Room and Madison Room at Avenue Banqueting

Whether booking a hotel room, buying an electrical product or deciding on a classy Pizza Hut restaurant to take my girlfriend, I always check online for customer reviews before making a decision. In relation to the superb spaces available at Avenue Banqueting, I already know exactly what I am getting - quality service. Nevertheless, here's a review from a man named Nero Madicci:

"Ciò che un grande evento. Lo consiglierò ai miei amici!"

I don't know what this chap was saying but he sure sounded impressed - and with good reason.

A stunning banqueting space, the Park Room seats up to 250 guests and comes equipped with stage and dance floor. The Madison Room provides a versatile reception space. With state-of-the-art AV equipment and a brilliant lighting system, both rooms combine to form one truly impressive event space.

Stephens House and Gardens

Button The Salon at Stephens House and Gardens

If class and majesty were to marry and have their honeymoon in leafy North London, and then have a child who inherited those same characteristics (including the leafiness), we think it would look a lot like this venue: Stephens House and Gardens.

The Stephens, Balcony and Study Rooms have proven to be popular corporate spaces for groups looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the City centre, but with superb gardens surrounding the venue and a number of other impressive event spaces within, it's clearly not all business at Stephens House and Gardens.

Versatility and comfort are the hallmarks of the Drawing Room, while the timeless beauty of The Dining Room is a sight to behold. Weddings don't need to be gargantuan affairs and after viewing The Salon, you'll be tempted to cut your list of guests by a thousand if you have to - charming, intimate and picturesque, this is one of our most popular Wedding Spaces.

Palace Suite at Alexandra Palace

Button Palace Suite at Alexandra Palace

Functions, concerts, sporting contests and festivals - there's not much "the people's palace" hasn't hosted over the years. With 196 acres of beautiful parkland surrounding the venue, as well as it boasting some of the best panoramic views of London, the Alexandra Palace certainly provides a magnificent location for your wedding.

You'll be hard pressed finding a space within this seven acre building that isn't truly resplendent (even the toilets are pretty classy), but for my pick of the wedding spaces, I'm going to go with the Palace Suite.

Hand painted murals at either end create a trompe l'oeil effect of Italian courtyards, complete with wandering peacocks - fitting really, since you'll be as proud as one when looking back on your wedding day at Alexandra Palace!

The Holly Bush

Button The Holly Bush

London is full of traditional pubs and classic drinking holes but few can pull off a fully catered, modern wedding celebration quite like this Hampstead venue. Let's start with the cuisine.

Sit back in the upstairs or downstairs function room and tuck into some fresh, locally sourced orange-glazed halibut with potato crusted duck leg, carrot & passion fruit puree. Perhaps the seared king scallops or famous 'Holly Bush rib-eye' will be more to your liking? Forget all this wedding chat - I just want to go there for a feed!

The Holly Bush's peaceful location outside the hustle and bustle of Central London and its warm, inviting atmosphere makes it ideal event space for your special day. Book this venue today!

Weddings can be stressful events to organise but they don't need to be. Let Hire Space point you in the right direction. For more information on the venues mentioned above or any of our other splendid event spaces, check out our website or get in touch with our venue experts on bookings@hirespace.com.