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Getting hitched on a budget? Try these simple reception hacks

As part of our mission to make wedding planning as easy as possible, we've searched high and low for the best, and most economically friendly hacks to make your wedding reception amazing.

With the perfect venue as your backdrop, these industry-approved tips will add the special finishing touches you deserve...and you'll even save some money for that honeymoon you've been dreaming of. For more ideas, browse our range of suppliers, or get in touch for help planning your big day!

1. Use old wine bottles as table numbers

Old Vine Bottles

After weeks of planning, you'll probably have a fair few empty bottles hanging around – so you may as well put them to good use. We've written a whole piece on using bottles as decorations - check it out for inspo!

2. Use a wooden crate for the day's agenda

Wooden create

As reception decorations go, they don't come much cheaper (or more simple) than this. Take an old crate, and pen on the day's agenda with a permanent marker.

It's the ideal finishing touch for a contemporary blank canvas venue – just like Kachette.

3. Craft your own games with some old bottles and glitter

Craft Games

This DIY game will keep both children and adults entertained, and can be used time and time again.

4. Opt for a naked cake

Naked CAke

The naked wedding cake may look incredibly chic, but it's also far more economical than traditional iced styles.

If you've opted for a contemporary and elegant venue, this fashion-pack favourite is a great choice.

5. Or ditch the cake altogether, and have a doughnut stack

Doughnut stack

If you want your 'cake' to match a more unconventional venue, opt for something a little different, like doughnuts.

6. Decorate your tables with mini packets of Sweets


Edible decorations are the best kind of decorations – what's not to love?

7. Bake these really simple button cookies

Button Cookies

They look complicated, but they're actually really simple. Find out how to make them here.

8. Instead of buying a guestbook, make a 'message in a bottle' memory bank

Message in a bottle

Just find an old bottle, some paper, and a pen. It really is that simple, and will make unforgettable venues like Porchester hall even more memorable.

9. Use leaves as confetti

Leaf confetti

This is probably the cheapest wedding hack in the entire world. For autumn weddings, it's a no-brainer!

10. Ditch the photographer, and set up a selfie station

Selfie Station

You don't need to hire an expensive photo booth for your guests to take fun photos. Just provide a few novelty props, some selfie sticks, and let everyone else do all of the hard work for you.

11. And document the whole day on social media

Social Media

Why wouldn't you? Create a hashtag and ask everyone to use it when they post, and you'll have a ready-made wedding album!

12. Melt some candles in bottles for a refined centrepiece

Melting candles

If you've chosen a venue of grand proportions, this centrepiece will add a touch of additional class. Check out our piece on hanging centrepieces to really impress your guests.

13. In need of some nighttime entertainment?

Expensive Gift Bags

If you've opted for a venue with a large dance floor, give your guests glow sticks to brighten up the night.

14. Ditch the expensive gift bags for something more sentimental

Ditch Expensive gift bags

Seeds are an economical yet thoughtful little something for guests to take home and remember your big day. If you're hosting your reception in an idyllic garden setting, this is the ideal gift. Bonus points for sustainability!

15. Want to save on expensive cake costs? Make your guests pimp their own cupcakes

Pimp your cupcake

It's fun, and it'll save on a heap of catering costs.

16. Fill mason jars with LED fairy lights for a magical touch

Mason Jars with leds

This simple trick will add a gorgeous finish to an elegant Georgian townhouse setting – just like that at 41 Portland Place.

17. Use Hire Space!

Whether you're looking for an outdoor space for a summer wedding, an unusual spot for a quirky nuptials or historic, elegant backdrop, Hire Space has the perfect venue for your big day.

And because we have great relationships with all of our venues (and there's over 6,000 of them!), we're sure to negotiate the best possible deal for your special day.

18. Use a date jar so guests can share their favourite date ideas

Creative date night ideas

All you need is a mason jar, a marker pen, and some clean lolly sticks. It's a super cute idea for getting your guests involved, and it'll keep you inspired for months (or years) to come.

19. Save on designer shoes

Designer Shoes

Get your significant other to write a thoughtful message on the bottom. They'll be far more sentimental than an expensive designer pair, and you can keep them forever.

There you have it! 19 simple and affordable hacks to pimp your wedding reception. We hope you love these ideas, and for more guidance with planning your special day, get in touch with our event experts below.


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