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Call a meeting, London has thousands of excellent meeting venues! Whether you need a creative space for a team workshop or somewhere sophisticated for a board meeting, Hire Space has the perfect meeting room for you. Many of our meeting spaces are highly adaptable and provide excellent audio-visual equipment so you can be sure that your presentation will look incredible. We have intimate penthouse suites, perfect for the most high-value meetings, conference centres ideal for hosting workshops and seminars and serene meeting rooms that allow you to escape the office for some much needed creative breathing room. If you need help finding meeting room facilities that meet your exact specifications, our Venue Experts are on hand thanks to the "Ask a Venue Expert" feature. Get in touch with your requirements and we'll provide bespoke recommendations all for free.

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What is a meeting room?

A meeting room is simply a room or space in which people come together to discuss topics, solve issues, discuss business objectives, set targets… it could be anything! The beauty of a meeting room is that you can usually hire them by the hour, which is why they are most commonly used by businesses and teams.

There are a huge number of meeting rooms of all different shapes and sizes in London. You may desire a formal, high-end space for a client meeting or small conference such as at the Council Room at One Birdcage Walk. Or you may prefer a more unique, creative space such as Anomalous Space or Lumiere Underwood. Whatever space you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something to fit your style and objectives.

Why should I hire a meeting room?

Do you:

  • Want some privacy for an important discussion eg interviews, disciplinary meetings, business plans, discussions around sensitive company information?
  • Want to create a sense of occasion in an environment with elegant furniture and state-of-the-art technology?
  • Need a quiet space to meet with your team?
  • Need a professional, objective setting to meet with clients or stakeholders?

Then book a meeting room! One thing we’ve learnt during the pandemic is that the power of face-to-face communication can not be underestimated. Having spent the last two years on Zoom, it’s no surprise that meeting rooms are in high demand and many businesses aim to get together in-person (whether that’s with clients or employees) at least once a week if possible.

Thanks to the pandemic, many companies no longer work from offices full time, so find themselves needing spaces in which they can meet up. Being together face to face inspires creative thinking, allows for more clear and open conversation, and also helps reintegrate ‘water cooler’ moments back into our lives, rebuilding colleague relationships that may have suffered due to working virtually for the most part.

As mentioned above, there are many uses for meeting rooms, and it’s really up to you what you do with the space. It largely depends on your objectives, as these will determine the style of meeting room you need.

For example, maybe you’d like a space for a morning catch-up with your team (perhaps with some coffee and pastries), a professional backdrop to invite key clients or stakeholders, an unusual space to bring your team together for an away day to set company objectives, an inspiring meeting room for brainstorming and strategising… the list is truly endless.

The best part? Meeting rooms are usually pretty well-priced, and often include everything you need to create a productive atmosphere for your meeting. You could even find a venue that caters for post-meeting networking!

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