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Events Inspired by Science

The Science Museum is a temple to innovation and human achievement. I don’t remember how old I was when I first stepped foot into that grand entrance hall and was mesmerised by the great machines in action. Huge metal wheels whirling with a kinetic majesty that propelled Britain into the technological and social upheaval of the Industrial Revolution. Even today, stepping into that grand space is just as inspiring. It’s a feeling that only intensifies as the museum leads you through its halls. Almost every exhibit is the answer to a challenge, the solution to a problem. The product of a curious mind determined to investigate and innovate.

The Scout and Black Arrow rockets that hang from the ceiling of the space exhibition; monuments to the idea humanity’s destiny isn’t bound to the rock we call home.

Black Arrow

Crick and Watson’s DNA molecular model, a piece that may look like a dodgy art project glued together the night before a deadline but in fact marked one of the biggest scientific triumphs of the century. The model represented the double-helix structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the molecule that acts as a blueprint for all living things enabling scientists within a decade to work out how information is coded along the molecule.

Crick and Watson

Building on that heritage, the Science Museum provides venue spaces designed around those principles of curiosity and innovation. The Energy Hall entertains guests, treating them to events surrounded by the fortitude of British industrial history. This space provides a nostalgic thrill to the many millions of people who first visited the museum as a child - the 1903 Harle Syke Mill engine is available to be operational during your event for an extra special backdrop. With space for up to 500 guests, the Energy Hall is best suited to grand drinks receptions offering an inspiring start to events hosted at the museum.

Energy Hall

Making the Modern World surrounds guests in the inventions that shaped modern society. Up to 350 people can dine as they take in the chronicle of ingenuity presented in the space. From the very first light bulbs, (which in turn allowed people to have ideas for the first time) to the evolution of flight and trans-continental communication.

Making the Modern World

Why not inspire your guests in the Imax theatre. Available as a presentation and conference space you can engage your audience with tales of your own Eureka! moments.


The Science Museum’s latest venue, Illuminate, is set to open next year. This brand new purpose-built event space anticipates the ever-evolving needs of modern events. Available for both daytime and evening hire, Illuminate is set across two levels. Level 4 offers a blackout space ideal for big productions. Juxtaposed against this is Level 5 which is flooded by natural light thanks to the giant panoramic window that makes up one side of the space providing an incredible view over the skyline. Illuminate can host up to 400 guests for a sit-down dinner or conference and up to 450 for a standing reception.


Evening Dinner

The event spaces at the Science Museum offer everything a modern event space should have, while still offering a unique history and setting for your event.

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