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10 Reasons Why Hire Space Venue Managers Are Events Superstars: Part II

Check out 10 Reasons Why Hire Space Venue Managers Are Events Superstars: Part I

6. They're always, always on the ball

However meticulous your scheduling and logistics planning is, things can still go wrong, problems can still arise, and it would be down to the venue manager to ensure that the event will go on as smoothly as possible.

Jack Mayorcas at Tanner Warehouse told us about an event for which their cloakroom was not big enough when guests started arriving on an especially cold winter evening. He got everyone on the Tanner team checking in coats at one point to get guests into the venue as quickly as possible. All hands on deck!

Francesca Lucci at D&D London once ran a reception for 400 guests, only to find that a tube strike was going ahead. No guests could get to the venue on time. "When you run off schedule, it can be really scary, especially for the catering team", said Francesca. Guests eventually arrived and the event carried on successfully. Phew!

7. They are uber-organised to make sure your event goes smoothly

A venue manager needs to be highly organised to manage all the logistical details involved in running an event. There are lots of project management softwares available these days, Asana, Priava, Trello... At the end of the day, Hannah Stock at 41 Portland Place said it best: "Make to-do lists, they help a lot."

8. They are also highly creative

Tanner Warehouse hosted last year's Movember event. Aside from music entertainment by bands and DJs, Jack Mayorcas also set up a barber corner for guests to get their newly acquired moustaches trimmed!

As part of Kanye West's global domination, Andrew Clawson of Shoreditch Studios set up a Kanye-themed pop-up store in the East London dry-hire event space. You may recall seeing hundreds of people queuing outside the Shoreditch hotspot in August this year?

Probably one of the most common last-minute requests for venue managers running large-scale venues is to add an additional breakout room or VIP area. Harry Upton at Madame Tussauds was once met with such a request on the event day, and his team quickly set up the Sherlock Holmes Experience space in a VIP lounge. With its Victorian study setting, it actually turned out really well!

9. Proactive and engaging, they pull everyone together to make your event day the best day ever

"My role is to link people to have successful events in our spaces and manage a team to deliver events in venues", said Andrew Clawson of Shoreditch Studios. Successful venue managers not only possess commercial and technical knowledge, but they also need to be proactive and engaging to make sure each step is fulfilled and every team member is inspired to bring to life the most memorable event for their guests.

10. Most of all, they're the friendliest people you'd ever meet

Laiha Diamond

LaiHa Diamond: "I meet lots of interesting and exciting people."

Elodie Baran

Elodie Baran: "I make sure people are happy."

Andrew Clawson

Andrew Clawson: "I help people realise their dream events."

Francesca Lucci

Francesca Lucci: "I help people find the perfect space for whatever event."

Victoria Mayhook

Victoria Mayhook: "I love meeting people."

Jack Mayorcas

Jack Mayorcas: "I organise and run parties."

Hannah Stock

Hannah Stock: "I love transforming events spaces for cool events."

Harry Upton

Harry Upton: "I have a really fun job, always interesting and challenging."

As of today, 7,889 Hire Space Venue Managers help 125,000+ customers every month with their event enquiries. Our Venue Experts can match you to the perfect venue for whatever event you're putting on.

If you have any peculiar, inspiring or plain interesting stories to share, we'd love to hear about them! :)


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