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Top 6 Tips to Get You More Hire Space Bookings

The most common question we get from venues is “How can we get more bookings from Hire Space?” And the answer is always “Update your profile!”

Not only is your profile how you advertise your space to potential customers, but it also affects how many searches your venue will appear in. Both visitors to and our team of Venue Experts and Account Managers rely on our internal search to find venues, so working on your profile will help you score more personal and corporate bookings. We’ve been working on our Help Articles to make updating your listing easier than it’s ever been. Read on to find out how.

1. List all of your spaces

Any space within your venue that can be hired out separately should have its own listing. A lot of venues make the mistake of only having their main space listed with us. While that’s great for getting big events, you might be missing out on those smaller meetings that can really help fill up your diary. Here’s how you can add in a new space. Want to add in a whole new venue? You can fill out our quick listing form, and we’ll build your venue profile and your first space for you.

2. Make the most of your descriptions

You have probably noticed that we don’t allow pasting when adding in a description. This can be really frustrating, but it’s for a good reason. Google can detect if the same copy appears on multiple sites, and it lowers the search ranking of all the pages it finds it on. So we really encourage you to write out original copy for each of your descriptions, to help both your Hire Space listing and your own website appear in more searches.

It’s also really important to include good keywords in your descriptions. A good way to think about this is to imagine what searches you want your venue to appear in. Want to get more corporate meetings? Include “corporate meeting space” in your description. Make sure not to go overboard with these phrases, as just listing them will put visitors off when reading your profile. Think about the ones you think will generate the most business.

3. Nail the details

The devil is in the details. If you get these wrong, then you’re going to either miss out on enquiries or get sent a load that you can’t accommodate. Remember to add in the floor space, any special features, your licensing details, and your different capacities for various seating arrangements. There’s no real trick to this, but the more accurate the information, the better leads we can send you.

4. Upload large photos

We’re always banging on about photos, as you can see in this blog post, but it’s so important. Large, high-quality photos look best on Hire Space. We upload images in 1920p x 1080p format, and if the images are any smaller than that they will look blurry. They also need to be less than 3mb large. We’d recommend not repeating photos for each different use, as these will then double up on your main venue page. Check out how to upload photos.

Bethnal Hall at the Town Hall Hotel

5. Make sure it’s published!

You’d be amazed at how often people spend ages carefully building the perfect profile, only to fall down at the final hurdle. If you’re adding a new space in, or making changes to an existing one, make sure you publish it when you’re done. It’s as simple as flicking a switch. We’ll then review it to make sure everything looks good before we publish it live on the website.

And that’s it! If you need any help with your profile beyond these articles, then don’t hesitate to contact our venue support. Need some inspiration? Lumiere Underwood has a great profile that you should check out.

The New Victorian Loft at Lumiere Underwood

6. Consider upgrading your listing

By upgrading your listing to one of our paid options, not only will you be able to reach new customers, but you'll be completely in control of your offering. You can easily edit your profile, as well as showcase your venue online with 3D tours and professional photography and videography. You'll also benefit from our extensive marketing offering through social media, PPC, email marketing, events and actionable marketing insights.

Want to get hybrid ready? You'll have exclusive access to Arena, our leading virtual software, meaning you'll be able to create new revenue streams for your venue and demonstrate excellence with our Safer Venues Accreditation.

Sound good? Check out our range of listing plans to find out more.



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