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Venue Marketing Series: LinkedIn

If Facebook is a scatter-gun, where your marketing can get to everyone, then LinkedIn is a sniper.

It can pinpoint people precisely, on the basis of location, gender, but most importantly, their job.

So, if you're after conferences, you can target conference planners. After meetings? You can target meeting planners. After weddings? You can target wedding planners. Here's how.

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn is a business-focused platform, and so it attracts people who are in a high-income bracket, as well as those that work for a company with big budgets.

This makes marketing on the platform very useful for venues trying to target personal bookers (e.g. high-income brides) or corporate bookers (e.g. the office manager). Here's how you can do that:

Make A Company Page

For the same reasons that we explained in our piece on Facebook marketing, making a 'page' is your first point of call.

This way, by building a following, any content you post will go straight to the LinkedIn feeds of all your followers. Got a discount? Your highest-value customers will know about it straight away.

LinkedIn felt logo

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How To Make Great Content

Given that people go to LinkedIn in a professional frame of mind, they're usually on the look-out for business-orientated content.

This means content should be more formal than your Facebook content and appeal to people who are professionally ambitious and wanting to be better at their job.

Topics that interest LinkedIn users:

  1. Impressing colleagues (especially their boss)
  2. Being more efficient
  3. Easing their workload

If you can talk about these types of issues, and position your venue in relation to them, it'll jump out at a LinkedIn user.

Pressing upon the importance of finding the right venue, getting it done quickly and easily, impressing colleagues with your event - this is fertile terrain for great content.

Analyse Your Impact

When you post anything on LinkedIn, you'll be presented with its stats right on your company page, like so:

LinkedIn post stats example
  • 'Impressions' are the amount of time your post has been seen
  • 'Clicks' are the number of times someone has clicked through to your website
  • 'Interactions' are actions such as 'liking' or sharing the post

All the information you need is clearly and automatically presented to you. This will help inform what content seems to be working, and what content you should make next.

Why LinkedIn Clicks Matter

8 clicks may not seem like much on our '6 Quotes That Will Get EventProfs Through Their Day' blog. And, if those were clicks from Facebook, you'd be right.

But, on LinkedIn, we can be more confident that the people clicking are doing so in a professional, rather than personal, capacity. This makes them higher-value customers.

And, by directing the post at 'EventProfs' (event professionals), it targets people who book venues as part of their job. Those 8 Eventprofs will book multiple high-value events per year.


1. LinkedIn clicks are very valuable

High-income personal bookers, high-budget professional bookers

2. LinkedIn content should be business-orientated

Formal, professional posts are best

3. Analysing results is easy

They give you everything you need to know.

The full series

You can see the full breakdown of the Venue Marketing Series below:

  1. Introduction
  2. A brief history of online marketing
  3. On page SEO
  4. Linkbuilding
  5. Mobile
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Introduction to Content Marketing
  8. Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  9. Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing
  10. Introduction to Twitter Marketing

Listing your venue on Hire Space is easy and quick - get started and join the club! Any questions? Email us at venues@hirespace.com and we'll help you get up to speed in no time.


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