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Under the Bridge: A Space for Larger Than Life Parties

Under The Bridge is the state-of-the-art venue that is taking London by storm. Located in between Fulham and Chelsea, the venue is versatile, modern, and has an electric vibe that would be perfect for your next big party event.


Under The Bridge is a celebrated venue, and is famed for hosting the best events, from after-parties, celebrations, birthdays, and more. The venue specialises in live music - with a large stage that is surrounded by two huge bar areas. There is also a dance floor, as well as specialised VIP areas and relaxing booths. The venue is larger than life, but yet is also intimate - which creates the perfect fun atmosphere for those wanting to party the night away with friends and loved ones.


Dark and atmospheric, this venue is flexible, and versatile. Whilst this venue might be underground, the sky is the limit when it comes to how far the event organiser’s will go to provide the perfect event. With a huge range of style options and furniture, the venue is able to bring an extraordinary amount of uniqueness to your next party. To top this, the catering for this venue is on another level. With one bite and two bite bits, food stations, fine dining, crew food, and bowls, pots and pans as savoury options, with sweet bits and bowls for those with a sweet tooth. On top of this, they have a huge range of beverage package options.

The Bridge

The venue has a capacity of 550 people standing. There is the option for up to 140 people for dinner, and 250 seated cabaret-style. So for those wanting a larger than life celebration, then this is the perfect venue for you.

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Megan Dye

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