The Beatles. The Beach Boys. Jimi Hendrix. Eric Clapton. Other than all being musical legends, what else do these icons have in common? They've all performed at the rocking nightclub, The Scotch of St James. Today the Scotch of St James is a legendary party venue, known for its stylish clientele and as one of the most exciting spaces for summer parties in London.

The Scotch of St James

Restored in 2014, it's become popular for music, fashion and arts events of all kinds. Part of the attraction of the venue is the unrivalled location: it's in the heart of Mayfair but enclosed in its own pretty enclave, Mason's Yard, making for an entirely exclusive feel.

Inside, the atmosphere is prestigious and elegant with classic cocktails served at the impressive bar, with the added musical history which adds charm to any event taking place.

Mason's Yard

As the evenings start to draw in, what could be better than great music and beautifully created drinks to warm your soul. The rock 'n' roll spirit of the swinging 60's is defeinitely still alive and Scotch of St James is ready for a party.


The venue is, of course, perfect for what it was originally used for - live gigs, DJ sets and ticketed performance events of all kinds will find a natural home here.

But that's not all, it's also a popular choice for cosy, yet elegant Christmas parties or cocktail-and-canapé receptions. The Scotch is also well suited to brand and product launches or pop-ups.

The Venue

The Scotch of St James has also played host to a number of successful parties, including a London Fashion Week event for Maybelline New York, featuring a truly VIP guest list, from Victoria's Secret models to musicians.

The Scotch of St James

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