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7 Caterers to Hire to Ensure Your Food is Glorious Food

We can pretend it's not true, but we all know food is on our minds most moments in the week – 23/7, to be exact. "Food, glorious food", as they say. So when a party, wedding or function of any kind is looming, one of the first things to get right (apart from the venue, of course...) is the chow. Here are 7 of our favourite catering options to consider when arranging that super-special soirée.

1. Lotus Events

You may like the...: Grilled lobster with sweet daikon, Japanese salad in a yuzu kusho dressing

Lotus Events

Past Venues: 8 Northumberland Avenue and Tobacco Dock

The rest: The friendly team at Lotus has lent its catering services to diverse events for high-profile companies such as Disney and Pepsi Co. Canapés, bowl food, small plates and three-course fine dining are all available, whether for summer parties or weddings, as is a list of distinguished wines and Champagnes. But food's not the only focus: planning can be provided for entertainment, flowers, theming and other crucial aspects.

2. Bubble Food

You may like the...: Green tea and pistachio parfait, yuzu, black sesame

Bubble Food

Past Venues: The Science Museum and Tower of London

The rest: Priding themselves in "innovative event catering", these gastronomic experts provide upmarket menus for a host of events. Huge emphasis is put on the same impeccable service for smaller, boutique gatherings and large-scale parties for global companies like BMW and Vogue. Bubble Food has lent its meticulous assistance through canapés, fine dining, food stations – and even molecular gastronomy, producing such delights as mince-pie sodas.

3. Zafferano

You may like the...: 20-hour braised pork bao, speckled with pork popcorn and crispy shallots (made by ex-Masterchef champ, Ping Coombs)


Past Venues: Somerset House and The Roundhouse

The Rest: Similarly upscale, the catering masters at Zafferano have orchestrated events at various world-famous venues. Recent exciting events have included parties celebrating 100 years of Aston Martin and 30 years of Les Misérables, not to mention a Breaking Bad Halloween party and numerous big charity fundraisers. Food is often tailored to individual events, making for dishes such as sugar tarts with fishnet tuille for the premiere party of Kinky Boots. It's no wonder the company boasts the tagline: "Food. Performance. Passion."

4. Food by Dish

You may like the...: Sticky duck with watermelon salad, served in a bamboo bento box

Food by Dish

Past Venues: Hedsor House and Banqueting House

The rest: From its base at No.11 Cavendish Square, Food by Dish puts its catering energies into creating original fare – with an emphasis on world cuisine. Its signature World Markets brings together global flavours in street-food form, meaning guests can sample Thai from Khaosan Road, American from Brooklyn Market and Brazilian from Praça Benedito Calixto.

5. Spook Cooking

You may like the...: Mini Yorkshire pudding canapé with rare roast beef and horseradish

Spook Cooking

Past Venues: Shoreditch Studios and Old Truman Brewery.

The rest: The bespoke nature of the catering by Spook is one of its highlights, as is the "rustic yet refined" approach. Each event is treated as its own unique entity, while ingredients are seasonal and chosen in support of local farmers. Media giants Elle and Harper's Bazaar have used Spook in the past, as have high-profile celebrities such as Jack Whitehall, and Bryan Ferry, who described the team as "discreet, organised and efficient".

6. Inn or Out

You may like the...: Crab doughnuts

Inn or Out

Past Venues: Watermen's Hall and the exciting and soon-to-be-reopening Salters' Hall.

The rest: Having recently won the title of Sustainable Caterer of the Year, it's clear that the staff at Inn or Out pride themselves on high standards and local suppliers. Dinner parties and dream weddings are handled with the same attention to detail. Complementing the delectable food – which is served in a range of forms from tapas to sit-down – is the extensive choice of tipples, boasting wines from family-run vineyards, homemade soft drinks and first-rate cocktail mixology.

7. Street Kitchen

You may like the...: Foghorn Leghorn burger – crispy chicken, pickled red onions, smokey bacon, Old Winchester mayo, celeriac slaw, toasted brioche

Street Kitchen

The rest: The food truck or food stall is now a culinary centrepiece of the city, and this popular, gourmet grub on the go can be incorporated into your next event thanks to the team at Street Kitchen. Services can be booked for a variety of events, ranging from festival parties to lavish receptions, and the menu can be tailored according to tastes and themes, with pan-Asian, burgers and even food workshops on the cards. Local British produce is used for the majority of ingredients, from mushrooms to fish, and lager to eggs.


Talib Visram

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