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The Top Questions To Ask On Your Venue Site Visit

Whether it's a Weddingconferencebirthday party, or product launch, selecting the right venue is a critical step! You think you've found the perfect space and have scheduled a time to go and see it, however, it might not actually fit your event needs. To maximise your venue site visit, it's essential to come prepared with the right questions! This will save you any unwanted issues down the line should you realise the venue isn't right for your event.

Luckily we're here to help, so we've put together a handy checklist so you'll have everything you need to secure the perfect venue. For more help, get in touch with our experts.

When organising an event, it's vital to consider how accessible the venue is. The convenience of getting there, whether it's a short walk from the tube, the necessity for a taxi from the train station, or sufficient parking for drivers, plays a significant role in guest satisfaction. Choosing a venue that's easily reachable by multiple transportation options can greatly improve the overall event experience, making sure attendees begin the event in a positive and relaxed mood. Planning for these logistics in advance is essential for a smooth and successful event.

Entrances, Exits, and Accessibility

Aim to create a captivating 'journey' for your guests throughout your event by thoughtfully arranging the space. Consider the location of entrances and exits carefully to maintain a seamless flow.

Accessibility should be a top priority; verify that the venue is equipped with necessary accommodations like lifts and ramps to welcome everyone, including those with disabilities. This inclusivity not only demonstrates consideration but also enriches the event's atmosphere by ensuring all guests can navigate the space comfortably.

Don't forget to consider loading access and parking specifically for your event suppliers by checking access times and height restrictions – A detail that's easy to overlook but essential for smooth operations!

Registration Process

Think about whether having a registration or welcome desk is necessary. This desk serves as the initial point of contact for attendees, setting the tone for the event. To ensure this experience is as seamless as possible, carefully assess where this desk could be placed. Think about the flow of traffic from the entrance and how you can guide attendees smoothly to this point without causing crowds or confusion.

Kitchen Location and Catering Service Points

Consider the placement of the bar and kitchen, ensuring they are located in logical and convenient spots for guests. These areas should be accessible for catering staff to efficiently serve guests while minimizing disruptions to the event's atmosphere and guest movement.

Cloakroom Access

When inspecting the venue, consider not only the placement of the cloakroom but also its capacity and accessibility. Depending on the size of your event and the expected number of attendees, one cloakroom might not be sufficient. In such cases, the need for multiple cloakrooms becomes apparent to prevent a queue and ensure a smooth flow of guests.


How many times have you judged a restaurant or venue by the bathrooms? Yup, everyone does it, so make sure you check them out to make sure they're up to scratch - no one likes a disappointing loo. Also, make sure there are enough for the size of your event, nobody wants to wait in a long queue outside the toilet.

AV Inclusions and Restrictions

When selecting a venue for your event, it's crucial to consider the availability of audio-visual (AV) equipment that meets your specific needs. Determine if the venue provides the necessary gear, such as microphones, speakers, projectors, and screens, or if you will need to arrange for your own equipment. Additionally, enquire about any sound restrictions that might be in place at the venue. These could include volume limits or time constraints on when loud sound is permitted. This could significantly impact the execution of your event, especially if it involves live music or presentations. Understanding these details well in advance will help you plan effectively and avoid any last-minute complications.


These days it's often assumed that fast wifi is a given. A good piece of advice is to assume nothing. Always double-check, especially if your event is dependent on a super-quick internet connection, such as a hybrid event. Even if it's not, your guests are likely to want to stay connected (and post pictures of your event, so it's in your best interests!).

Branding Opportunities

Planning a product launch or conference? Check for opportunities to brand the venue and make it an unforgettable experience for your guests. Branding opportunities include custom signage, themed decorations, interactive displays, and even a colour scheme that resonates with your brand's palette. The goal is to immerse your guests in your brand's world, creating a cohesive and impactful experience that leaves a lasting impression. Perhaps even ask for past event examples where companies have branded the venue!


Check which suppliers the venue already works with, as some have a 'preferred list' you need to choose from. Other venues allow you to bring in your own suppliers or work on a dry-hire basis, so it's certainly important to check.

Multi-Event Venues

When your chosen venue hosts multiple events simultaneously, it's crucial to consider how this might impact your own event and plan accordingly. Shared venues can lead to challenges such as noise interference, potential congestion in common areas like lobbies and restrooms, and competition for parking spaces. To mitigate these issues, it's wise to communicate with the venue's management about scheduling and logistics. Ask about the nature of other events happening at the same time, and discuss strategies to minimise disruption, such as soundproofing measures or designated areas for your guests.

Access Times

Depending on the scale of the event, you will need to allow enough time for setup and breakdown. Make sure to check the earliest access times and the latest breakdown available for the venue. If you (or any of your suppliers) will be picking up your items the next day, check to see if you have a secure location to store overnight.

Deposit and Any Hidden Costs

Make sure you're on the same page with costs as the venue. You don't want to blow your budget at a later date because there were add-on costs you hadn't factored in. Have a detailed discussion about all potential costs associated with the venue hire. These could include costs for extra hours, technical equipment, staff like security or cleaning services, and any other add-ons that are not included in the initial quote. Ask for a comprehensive breakdown of all fees and ensure that this is documented in your contract. Being proactive in clarifying these details not only prevents budget overruns but also establishes a good working relationship with the venue, based on mutual understanding.

Outdoor Space

Find out about any outdoor areas included in the venue hire for your attendees. Consider how far these areas are from the main space and if there is sufficient signage. Incorporating outdoor spaces into your event planning offers an array of benefits, from providing scenic networking backdrops to offering a simple breath of fresh air!


Will some of your attendees be travelling from afar for the event? Consider the accommodation available at the venue or nearby, the number of rooms available/required and what kind of rates you may be able to negotiate for group bookings. This not only enhances the attendee experience by easing travel concerns but also demonstrates thoughtful planning and consideration for their comfort and convenience – potentially increasing event attendance and satisfaction.

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We hope this list helps as a starting point for topics to discuss on your site visits! For more guidance on finding a venue or for help with your event programmes, get in touch with the team below.


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