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7 Of The Best Virtual Networking Tools On The Market

Okay, so you've got our top tips on how to facilitate successful virtual event networking, now you just need the tools to do it! Read on for our take on a few of the best virtual networking tools out there.

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Table of Contents

1. Arena
2. Brella
3. Big Top
4. Wonder
5. Swapcard
6. Remo
7. Eventify


Arena by Hire Space is a brand new, all-in-one virtual and hybrid events platform, designed by event organisers, for event organisers. As a result, it is simple, scalable, customisable, robust, and affordable - everything that event organisers need.

How does it work?

One of the best things about Arena is the breakout functionality for networking. These breakouts can be audio or video, allowing attendees to choose how they want to network with their peers (some may feel more comfortable without the video element). Breakouts also come with a dedicated chat stream and engagement tools, such as the ability to raise your hand to ask a question. Attendees can also passively watch if they don't want, or aren't able, to join in.

You can get unlimited access to Arena and other event technology through Hire Space 360, a modern event planner's new best friend.

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arena virtual events platform


Aesthetically-pleasing event platform Brella is without a doubt one of the leading virtual event platforms out there, and networking is their speciality.

How does it work?

Using AI-powered networking to connect attendees, individuals are put in front of the right people, can use live chat to converse with sponsors, and can also easily book 1:1 video meetings to further foster meaningful professional conversations and relationships. In fact, Brella claims that you can 'book the meeting of your life in just 5 seconds'!

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brella networking platform

Big Top

Networking is in Big Top's DNA and offers a completely new take on the virtual event experience. Developed by the team that held virtual Christmas parties featured in the BBC, Forbes and The Times, experiencing a Big Top event will make sure your delegates are networking with each other to a whole new level!

How does it work?

Big Top is essentially a clickable virtual map, which can be made completely bespoke to your branding and event type. With a choice of more than 30 rooms, attendees navigate through the map and have complete freedom to experience the content and engage with their peers at any time in the networking room (complete with virtual tables). You can even arrange for food and drink deliveries to your delegates' homes as part of the Big Top Party package.

We're currently offering Lift Off - a virtual event series hosted on the Big Top platform designed to engage, inspire and motivate your team. Check out the options here.

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The Big Top Christmas Party Map


Wonder is a platform which offers something a little different from the standard virtual event capabilities. Unlike other platforms, networking is the premise of the whole platform. Whilst you can still host all types of virtual events on Wonder, the beauty of this platform is that attendees interact completely organically and you as the planner can choose and target which content you want to show to certain attendees.

Wonder is a truly unique networking experience, and is sure to add an interesting edge to your virtual event.

How does it work?

Wonder is essentially a virtual space for people to interact. Guests each have an avatar, which they move around with their mouse. If they want to join a conversation, they move closer and if they want to leave, they move away. Simple!

As the planner, you have all the power. You set up areas, decide on the content shown in that area (you can play recorded or real-time panels and talks with the broadcast mode) and decide how your guests interact, eg how many guests can enter each conversation or room. You can choose to share all your content with all your guests or make it completely targeted and show certain content in certain areas.

The joining process is also super simple - guests don't need to register or download anything, they just simply click on an entry link and they're in.

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wonder event platform


The home of EventLAB Online 2020, Cadence is a great all-in-one platform with a heavy focus on networking.

How does it work?

Attendees can post GIFs, memes, and comments in the live feed, as well as like and comment on other posts, creating a two-way communication option for all attendees. You can also link up your Twitter feed to the live feed to engage attendees through your social media and encourage conversation. There is also a Q&A feature, a competitions section, a private message feature, and a handy attendee list displaying basic information about the other attendees (which they input at registration).

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cadence virtual platform


Swapcard is an all-in-one virtual event platform and a great example of how artificial intelligence can be used to engage your attendees through smart networking.

How does it work?

The clever technology uses information input by attendees at registration to make meeting and networking recommendations. Attendees can book in virtual private meetings using their own personal agenda tool and video call each other. Swapcard offers the organiser full control and the power to determine who meets who, when, and where they can meet during the day and also track preferences and the meeting stats for insightful reporting (such as number of meetings held, number of requests made, etc).

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swapcard reporting


Remo is a virtual event platform that allows you to host interactive events with broadcast-quality streaming, audience engagement tools such as live polls and Q&A, and unique, engaging networking.

How does it work?

What we love about Remo is that the networking emulates real-life experiences, which is notoriously difficult to replicate in a virtual setting. Attendees can quickly and easily strike up conversations with fellow event-goers at virtual tables, and our favourite feature is the virtual business card function. Each attendee has their own in-built virtual business card with their details displayed, meaning they are quickly identifiable and can invite other attendees to chat there and then, book a private meeting, and also connect on Linkedin. There is also a speed networking clock feature which helps keep meetings short and snappy.

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remo event platform


If you're interested in mixing up the format of your virtual event networking, why not create your very own event app?! Eventify allows you to create completely personalised, cross-platform apps for your event, and their networking offering is next level.

How does it work?

The premise of Eventify's virtual networking concept uses 'tag technology' to match attendees. At registration, attendees can select up to 20 tags that match their interests, ranging anywhere from fintech to food technology! They are then connected to others according to mutual interests. Attendees can also send invites to connect to others, send and receive private messages, set up 1:1 meetings and build an entire community all in one place.

Networking is possible from both the app and the web version, so it's not essential for attendees to use their phones. The software can also be integrated across different platforms, so that's ideal if you're going for an event technology stack option, rather than an all-in-one platform.

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eventify networking

If you're ready to start creating unforgettable networking opportunities for your attendees, book a free consultation today with our virtual event experts to see how we can help.‌ You can also read our piece on the best all-in-one platforms to get some insight into other event platforms to look out for.

For more guidance and advice on your whole event programmes, chat with our team below to see how we can save you time and money with Hire Space 360.


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