When it comes to parties in London there’s no such thing as typical or ordinary. London’s greatest asset as a celebration destination is the sheer variety of places you can party. Thanks to almost 2000 years of eventful history, thanks to artists and creators finding a home here, thanks to the melting pot of cultures London is home to, London more than anywhere else is able to offer the extraordinary. This isn’t to say there are lots of similar venues that just have a different theme, London offers venues unique in brick and soul. These four venues will prove my point.


Looking on the gardens of this historic venue conjure up images of high society. Of quintessential garden parties. Downton style for the modern era. The 18th-century mansion sits inside five acres of manicured gardens. It’s no wonder that it’s so popular as a wedding venue, the stately grandeur of this space is perfect for smart occasions seeking a refined atmosphere.

Gardens at the HAC

Dirty Harry’s

In contrast with the HAC’s more elegant surrounds, Dirty Harry’s brings hard rock and high energy to its. You won’t find many cucumber sandwiches here, though you will find a cavalcade of new street food stands offering devilishly delicious dishes from across the globe. Inspired by the punk outsider attitudes of Clint Eastwood’s characters, Dirty Harry’s isn’t looking to imitate, delivering their own brand of high octane entertainment. With live music and highly trained bar dancers, parties at Dirty Harry’s in Soho aren’t soon forgotten.

Bar at Dirty Harry's
Seating at Dirty Harry's


From one in the chamber to a hole-in-one, Puttshack is reinventing mini-golf using high tech features to bring you entertainment like you’ve never had before. This isn’t your average seaside crazy golf course. There’s no faffing about with tiny pencils and score-cards here, using patented tech to track player scores, create live leaderboards and specially designed courses, Puttshack creates a truly unique entertainment experience. To top it off, Puttshack encapsulates the fun inside a stylish cocktail bar. We find that we putt our best about 2 drinks in.

Bar at Puttshack

The Ivory Vaults

Finally, the Ivory Vaults, a venue so dedicated to creating unique experiences you’ll never get the same one twice. These vaults won’t just take you underground, they’ll transport you through time and across the world. Specialising in immersive and interactive theatre, the vaults host dinner parties designed to immerse guests in whole new worlds. Whether it’s creating the ribald atmosphere of a Viking mead hall or the festivities of a medieval banquet, Ivory Vaults is in the business of creating experiences that will stay with your guests for a lifetime.

Dining at Ivory Vaults
Interactive Theatre at Ivory Vaults

Four venues, four radically different party experiences. That’s what makes London the ultimate place to host a party, it's not a single venue, it’s the breadth of excitement and good times on offer that makes London the best city for parties. Whether it’s an elegant wedding reception, riotous birthday or one of a kind corporate event, you won’t find a better place to party.

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