6th March 2015

In England, you need venues that can offer sunshine while protecting you from any potential drizzle. What you therefore need is a glass venue.

Stay glassy, London.

1. Nash Conservatory

Summery even on rainy days.

2. The Gherkin

Iconic 360 degree views.

3. Borough Market

A luscious, outdoor feel bang in the centre of London Bridge.

4. The Pearson Room

Overlooking the thumping heart of Canary Wharf.

5. Bunga Bunga

Private dinners with perfect sunsets.

6. Plateau

Don't risk being rained off.

7. Portal

Feel outside without feeling the cold.

8. Hatch

An ingenious medley of recycled windows.

9. The East Room At Tate Modern

Stunning views revealed by automatic blinds.

10. Westminster Boating Base

On the waterfront.

To enquire about one of these venues, or for the rest of what's out there, get in touch at hirespace.com