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Managing Admin Access to Your Venue Profile

Lots of venues have a team of event superstars managing enquiries daily. Because of this, quite a few venue managers have requested a feature allowing them to manage access to their venue profiles easily. That means adding and removing team members' Hire Space accounts, in a few clicks. Guess what? It's been released!

Add a new admin in 28 Seconds:

Give it a go!

First, log into your Hire Space account and head to your venue profile. Click on the tab which reads Admins on the left-hand sidebar:

  • Add admins as needed; or
  • Delete admins using the red button marked by a cross.

Handy, innit?

Need help?
Write to our wonderful Community Support team at and we promise to help you get up to speed in no time!

We recommend users to use a Chrome browser when managing Hire Space accounts for an optimal experience.


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