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How to Add New Spaces to Your Venue Easily

Has your venue recently undergone a refurb or even more excitingly, launched a brand new event space for hire? Our Community Support team have compiled some top tips to help you add new space profiles easily on Hire Space.

How to Add New Space(s) for Publishing

Log in to your venue account on Hire Space then head to the Spaces tab.

Name your new space then click the button labeled Add a new space.

Add New Space

Using Will's Studio as an example, the Spaces tab displays all space profiles for the venue

Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the new space profile. Our search function looks for keywords in descriptions and lots of metrics to decide which venue options would work best for customers. Check out our tips on optimising venue profiles for search results.

Remember to click Publish when you're ready. This alerts our Community Support team to review and publish your new space profile.

Sit back and relax! :)

Is My New Space Profile Published?

Head to, where customers carry out their venue searches.

Click the green Search button on our homepage and then click More Filters.

Run a search using the Venue Name filter and click Show Results.

Venue Name Search Filter Page

Example using the venue Shoreditch Platform

Venue Name Search Results Page

Shoreditch Platform comes up top

Click on your venue from the search results and you will be lead to one of your space profiles. Then click the button labeled See All Spaces Here in the right-hand sidebar. You should be directed to your venue profile listing page. All published spaces at your venue will be listed on the listing page.

Space Profile Page

Continuing with Shoreditch Platform as an example

Venue Profile Listing Page

This is Shoreditch Platform's listing page. There are 2 spaces for hire at Shoreditch Platform at the time of writing.

If your new space comes up on the listing page, you can rest assured that it's currently live for customer searches. If not, email us at and we'll get you up to speed in no time.

As of today, 8,099 Hire Space Venue Managers help 125,000+ customers every month with their event enquiries. Join us today!


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