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Hire Space Presents: Live Streaming

Here at Hire Space, we love to make event booking a joy and are always on the lookout for ways we can help you create great meetings and events.

Given the current state of play in the UK and further afield, we know that some companies are struggling to get business done, given the restrictions on meetings of a certain size.

In response, we are working with our partners London Filmed to offer a live streaming solution that will allow businesses and companies to communicate effectively whilst events are disrupted.

What is it?

Live streaming is the broadcasting of live video to an audience over the internet. This can be done through a number of platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, to name a few.

Why use it?

Live streaming has a number of benefits but it’s a great way to increase attendance, build a social gathering and communicate brand messaging. Given the current travel limitations, you can supplement the physical audience with a remote audience.

What’s more, you can focus on delivering the business objectives - we will plan all the logistics and deliver the live streaming on the day of the event.

What’s the cost?

We are offering three bespoke packages based on the size and complexity of your event. To give you the best pricing for your event, we will work with you and your specific needs to deliver a high-level bespoke proposal. Our goal is to help you do business efficiently, with minimum disruption.

Want to find out more?

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, please contact to chat through your requirements or call us on 0207 099 2512.

We've also created a platform to keep you up-to-date with all the latest Coronavirus news, as well as the latest useful industry responses to the ongoing pandemic.




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Izzie Lachecki

Izzie brings a deep understanding of the events world to Hire Space, and keeps busy by writing lots of Hire Space and EventLAB content and managing the Hire Space social media presence.

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