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Finding The Perfect Venue In A Post-Pandemic World

We all know the events world looks very different to how it did two years ago. Amongst all the other decisions you’ll need to make regarding your future in-person and hybrid events, finding the perfect venue is up there with one of the most important ones! If you’re struggling to know where to begin with venue-sourcing in the post-pandemic events world, we’re here to help.

Below are a few important things to consider when looking for a venue to make sure it’s the perfect choice for your event.

Make sure the venue is geared for hybrid events

It’s likely that some attendees will feel more comfortable attending your event virtually than in person. In which case, it’s important that you choose a venue that can accommodate both your physical and online attendees.

Making sure they have the technological capabilities, as well as things like adequate space for filming and sound, is going to be important in order for you to organise the best hybrid event possible. Check out our guide to hybrid events for more considerations, or this tech-focused Hybrid 101 piece.

Hire Space Top Tip:

If you want some assistance on planning a hybrid event, our end-to-end service Hire Space 360 provides support across planning and delivery, so you can rest assured knowing your events are in safe hands.

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Ask them about their health and safety protocols

The health and safety of your delegates is of the utmost importance for your events in the post-pandemic events industry, so it's really important to make sure your venue reciprocates this priority. For example, are they going to disinfect each room regularly during the day? Are they going to offer contactless check-in? Do they have a dedicated triage area in case a delegate falls ill?

There is a whole range of safety measures that venues should put in place. We strongly recommend compiling a list of questions for your preferred venues on the safety measures they are putting in place - you can read our White Paper for inspiration, and check out Josh King's workshop at EventLAB 2021 on event safety.

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How will they cater your event?

Gone are the days of buffets for 200 people. It’s really important to ensure the venue you choose is putting the safety of your guests first. Asking the venue how they’ll serve food and beverages at your event is critical.

Back in lockdown, UKHospitality released guidelines regarding catering going forward. Some of these guidelines include removing cutlery from tables, as well removing salt and pepper shakers, limiting the use of handheld menus and serving food in individual containers.

It's worth making a note here about sustainability - if self-service stations for food and beverages are off-limits, then venues may suggest using disposable packaging/cups instead. This will negatively impact the sustainability of your event, so it's worth trying to think of alternatives. Read this piece on how to take your audience on your sustainability journey for more considerations, or read our lowdown from EventLAB 2021 for information on our eco-friendly catering choices.

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Check the venue's cancellation policy in case things change

Things change in events, that’s just the name of the game. When COVID-19 hit, most organisers and venues went through cancellation and postponement processes and for some, it was extremely difficult to navigate various policies and identify where the liability fell.

To avoid confusion and stress going forward, we advise thoroughly reading through each venue’s cancellation policies and making sure you are completely confident with every situation that may arise.

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We hope this helps you on your search! If you want to get started right away, click the button below to find your dream venue.


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