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It's All About The Details

You have been planning, thinking and creating for months in preparation for what is meant to be the most special day in either your or someone you love's life. Weddings are an opportunity to showcase individual's specific style and emphasise personality. While the venue, seating arrangement, and rings are all key aspects of this event, the details are what is going to make the wedding you're apart of stand out from the rest.

Relief Station

Prepare for uninvited guests at summer events!
Source: glamourandgraceblog.com

Plans for an outdoor wedding? Welcome your guests with a station to cover their outdoor event needs. Bug spray, cold towels, sun screen, flip flops, hand sanitizer and more are the small details that will make your guests comfortable and allow them to enjoy the special day even more.

Cake Table

Gorgeous cake table at an outdoor wedding
Source: culturewedding.ca

Don't let your cake table fall short of anything less than amazing. The wedding cake (or donuts, cupcakes, cannoli) should be presented front and center in a way that your guests will have no choice but to Instagram the ensemble. Creating a space to showcase the cake will break up the event space and allow a whole new one to come forward that your guests can enjoy. Show off that cake!

Late Night Snack

late night snack for guests at wedding

Source: eighbours.club

You had your cocktail hour planned, along with your reception where the caterers have been keeping you updated with all the details from appetizers down to the cutlery. However, have you considered the portion of the night where everyone has danced their hearts out and are ready for another meal? Putting together a small midnight snack to surprise your guests just when they thought the evening was over will be exactly what they didn't know they needed. This small detail will be something the party remembers forever and will pass on to others they know wanting to make their special day just as special.


delicate confetti cones at a wedding
Source: biodegradeable-confetti.co.uk

It's all about presentation with items such as confetti. Presentation such as this will be one to make your guests take out their cameras to admire the thought that went into even the smallest of details such as this. Whether your confetti would be to celebrate the end of the ceremony or to send off the happy newlyweds at the end of the night, this will definitely not be forgotten by the excited friends and family members.

Customise The Day

customised details at a wedding
Source: richdesignco.com

Guests are naturally going to be using their phones to document the event, so why not tailor it to the stars of the wedding? Creating a simple #hashtag will allow everyone to tag the event on their posts or pictures and they will then all be compiled in one space. Everyone attending will have the opportunity to view who is doing what and what aspect of the venue they are putting on their social media! From posing in front of the photo backdrop to hanging around the cake table, all guests will be able to view the special day. You may even begin trending, and who wouldn't love that?


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