It’s that time of year again. Soon, the stockings will be hung, the fairy lights will be strung and the prosecco will flow. But what exactly does Christmas look like in the midst of a pandemic? And, the question everyone’s asking… what about the office Christmas party?!

Don’t worry. We’ve got off the phone to Santa and we have an army of elves ready to help us save the office Christmas do – namely, the team behind the biggest virtual party to date: Big Top!

True, on entering 2020, we doubt if turning the annual Christmas party virtual was on anyone’s to-do list. But never fear – our 'Big Top' Christmas party experience will provide all the essential rigmarole your guests have come to expect (and a whole lot more), including a (virtual) taxi to the event, the cocktail bar, the live jazz cafe and of course Christmas karaoke. What more could you ask for?!

Table of contents

1. The party packages
2. The main event
3. Festive food and drinks

The party packages

Every team is different, so we’ve developed three distinct packages to suit all kinds of partygoers – from the ravers to the bobbers.

Looking for a premium do without the premium price tag? Invite the whole office to one of our shared parties. In the market for an exclusive party experience? Pick any of these packages and enjoy your own private party.

  • Good List: Our PC-friendly option for straight-laced corporates.
  • Bad Santa: A rowdier option for naughty boys and girls.
  • Naughty Little Elf: A bit of both for teams that are somewhere in between!



Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not take the reigns from Santa and customise your own bespoke experience… Fancy Louis Theroux manning the cloakroom? No problem! Want to trap your CEO in an immersive theatre experience with the Chuckle Brothers? Go wild! The only limit is your imagination (and your budget!).

Remember, key dates throughout the festive season are limited, so make sure you book yours soon to avoid disappointment!

The main event

You’ve counted down the hours, and the day of your Christmas party extravaganza is finally here. So, what exactly might that look like?

big top map

On logging on, your guests will find themselves in the Big Top with the option to navigate between tons of ‘breakout’ rooms. But these aren’t just any breakout spaces – they’re all unique party experiences that can be customised to suit your team’s vibe (comedians, circus acts, Drag Queens, West End stars, the odd celebrity… you name it!).

Here, we’ve handpicked some of our favourites.

1. Kevin The Taxi Driver

Kevin has put in the hard yards taking the knowledge and has been hit hard by the surge in popularity of the taxi apps over recent years. Poor Kevin. Enthusiastic and talkative as ever, Kevin will guide you on your voyage to the Big Top. So buckle your virtual seatbelts and hop right in!

taxi driver

2. Festive Bauble Bingo Wings

Sadly, Bingo Halls remain closed by law, but that hasn't stopped our resident Bingo Queens who have spent 2020 hosting the most engaging, amusing and downright fun bingo nights that 2020 has had to offer. Bingo Wings is hosted by two well-known Queens from the Berlin cabaret circuit and is guaranteed to entertain even the most cold-hearted misers this Xmas.


3. Live Jazz Bar

Hosted by Kansas Smitty's, whose own-operated venue and bar was one of the conception points for the current jazz boom. Smitty’s have developed a musical voice wholly unique from what’s happening around them.

kansas smittys

4. Prince Abdi

Prince Abdi is the stand-up comedian who will welcome you to the Big Top. He's performed at venues such as Hackney Empire, Edinburgh Festival, Alexander Palace and The Comedy Store alongside other comedians, including Jack Whitehall and Dave Chappelle.

prince abdi

5. Midnight Mass

This experience is hosted by a Special Guest beamed in across the Atlantic live and direct from Broadway itself. Our melodic Xmas star will guide everyone through their favourite Xmas songs as we all sing our hearts out (or sit back on mute and listen).


Festive food and drinks

You can’t have a Christmas party without food and drink. And just because we’re going virtual, that doesn’t mean we can’t get some seriously mouth-watering options delivered straight to your team’s houses!

Food, glorious food

Get your colleagues a feast that Santa would be proud of. All they have to do is finish it off at home so it’s the perfect temperature to enjoy with teammates at the Jazz Bar!

  • Elf food package: A choice of two finish-at-home pasta dishes
  • Santa food package: A five course, finish-at-home tasting menu

Terrific tipples

From cocktails to craft beer, there’s a tipple to suit every team. We’ll sort the postage, you just need to crack them open at the Big Top.

  • Elf drinks package: Four craft beers or pre-mixed cocktails
  • Wine tasting package: Three small bottles of wine and a gin and tonic
  • Cocktail package: Four miniature spirits and mixers
  • Santa drinks package: Prosecco, miniature spirits and mixers

No matter what kind of Christmas you have in mind, our Big Top virtual Christmas party is guaranteed to hit all the right notes. So, dust off your gaudiest Christmas jumper and hang up your inhibitions. This really is a Christmas party you won’t forget in a hurry - book now!


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