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A Very Merry Virtual Christmas Party

It’s that time of year again: soon the stockings will be hung, the fairy lights will be strung and the Prosecco will flow. But with lingering uncertainty about cases rising, what if you're not quite prepared to deck the halls in-person this year?

Luckily, we’ve just got off the phone to Santa and we have an army of elves ready to help us save the office Christmas do – namely, the team behind the biggest virtual party to date: Big Top!

While a virtual Christmas party may not have been top of your wish list this Christmas, our 'Big Top' Christmas party experience will provide all the essential rigmarole your guests have come to expect (and a whole lot more), including a (virtual) taxi to the event, the cocktail bar, the live jazz cafe and - of course - karaoke. Christmas is saved!

Here's a sneak peak under the awning of the Big Top extravaganza!

Table of contents

1. The main event
2. Festive food and drinks

The main event

Every team is different, so that's why Big Top is the perfect choice - it's completely bespoke to you and your team. There's a huge range of options for you to pick and choose from to create your dream party. So, what exactly might that look like?

big top map

On logging on, your guests will find themselves in the Big Top map with the option to navigate between tons of ‘breakout’ rooms at will. But these aren’t just any breakout spaces – they’re all unique party experiences that can be customised to suit your team’s vibe (comedians, circus acts, Drag Queens, West End stars, the odd celebrity… you name it!).

Here, we’ve handpicked some of our favourites.

1. Kevin The Taxi Driver

Kevin has put in the hard yards taking the knowledge and has been hit hard by the surge in popularity of the taxi apps over recent years. Poor Kevin. Enthusiastic and talkative as ever, Kevin will guide you on your voyage to the Big Top - we can't guarantee the journey will be as smooth as a whisky cocktail, but it'll be entertaining for sure! So buckle your virtual seatbelts and hop right in!

taxi driver

2. Complimentary Drinks

Drop by to meet our hosts who will help you lift your spirits, and we're not talking vodka here. We have a full range of drinks on offer: come check out our unique menu, including bubbly, juicy, fruity and soft compliments. You will be greeted by a drink, or drinks, and wonderful waitress who will serve your and your friends compliments all night long. Have you been working out? Had a haircut recently? You look amazing this evening! This is one of our most popular party experiences, guaranteed to leave people feeling fantastic and ready to spread the cheer!

Complimentary drinks

3. Festive Bauble Bingo Wings

Forget what you think you know about Bingo: our resident Bingo hosts make this room the most engaging, amusing and downright silly spot int the tent! You'll sweat, you'll laugh, you'll shout (but you better not cry!) as you battle it out over hilarious bingo cards and get swept up in the antics of your festive hosts.


4. Live Jazz Bar

Why stick to our current climate when you can go back in time to the heyday of jazz, with a relaxed, intimate live performance by a professional jazz band. This room has all the glamour of the 1930s, but none of the second hand smoke fortunately! Plus, when it's BYOB, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the music without having to keep telling the bartender you take your Martini shaken, not stirred.

5. Midnight Mass

Hosted by special guests beamed in across the Atlantic, live and direct from Broadway itself, this experience lets you get up close and personal with the stars of Broadway. Our melodic Christmas star will guide everyone through their favourite songs as we all sing our hearts out (on mute, please!!) or sit back and enjoy the music.


Plus Many More!

With dozens of fantastic performers and entertainers on hand to make your event the party of the season, the options are endless with Big Top! Check out our full list of rooms or come up with a stand-out, show-stopping piece of entertainment on your own and we'll source it for you (we'll do everything we can get Adele to sing at your event, but "go easy on us" this close to Christmas!!).

Festive food and drinks

You can’t have a Christmas party without some festive food and drink. And just because you’re going virtual, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some seriously mouth-watering options delivered straight to your team’s houses!

Food, glorious food

Get your colleagues a feast that Santa would be proud of. All they have to do is finish it off at home so it’s the perfect temperature to enjoy with teammates at the Jazz Bar!

  • Elf food package: A choice of two finish-at-home pasta dishes
  • Santa food package: A five course, finish-at-home tasting menu

Terrific tipples

From cocktails to craft beer, there’s a tipple to suit every team. We’ll sort the postage, you just need to crack them open at the Big Top.

  • Elf drinks package: Four craft beers or pre-mixed cocktails
  • Wine tasting package: Three small bottles of wine and a gin and tonic
  • Cocktail package: Four miniature spirits and mixers
  • Santa drinks package: Prosecco, miniature spirits and mixers

However, Big Top isn’t just for Christmas! Host any party, away day or conference through our fully customisable platform. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

And if you're planning a party to kick of the New Year, Big Top's the perfect option to get everyone in high spirits for the year ahead.






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