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7 Simple Steps To Organising Successful Events

There have never been more amazing tools to help you put together an unforgettable event. Hire Space can help you find the perfect venue, and Eventbrite can help you with all sorts of other aspects of getting it all together. Mark Walker explains all the resources out there and how to make the most of them.

Organising a successful event isn’t easy, as many enthusiastic but ill prepared people have found out the hard way.

It’s also not rocket science! The steps for organising a great event that meets your objectives and is loved by your attendees are quite simple.

1. Know your audience

Know your audience

The first step to organising any successful event is to really understand who you want to be there. What are their needs or challenges? What can they afford? How far will they travel? These are just a few of the key questions you should be able to answer before organising a new event.

Learn more about how to research your audience, create personas and estimate market size.

With Eventbrite, it’s also easy to understand these key questions, as you can track where people are coming from, or ask custom questions to get a deeper level of understanding about your guests.

2. Define your value proposition

Define your value proposition

Once you know who you want at your event, you can start to think about how you’ll get the word out and convince them to attend. At the centre your marketing will be a value proposition or a unique selling point. This is a sentence or paragraph that captures why your event is special and why people won’t want to miss it.

Learn more about how to create effective value propositions.

3. Set up your social media correctly

Social media is important to all events these days, and with so many channels it can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, and there are some basic ways to approach it in order to be successful. One of these steps is to create a memorable, unique, short and evergreen hashtag that can be used across all the major social networks.

Learn more about how to set up successful hashtags.

Eventbrite also has some great and easy to use social integrations, which helps to make sure your event is seen by everyone you want to see it.

4. Find the right venue

Find the right venue
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Choosing a venue is a really critical decision that you’ll need to make when organising events. It needs to reflect your brand, appeal to your attendees, be within budget and accommodate all your operational needs. Taking the time to find the right venue is key to organising a successful event.

Thankfully there are services like Hire Space now, which make it much easier to identify and visualise amazing event spaces, all from the comfort of your desktop or mobile.

5. Make your budget go further

Make your budget go further

Money is always tight, so you have to make whatever you do have go as far as possible. Strong negotiation skills, plenty of advanced planning and the occasional compromise will all help to make the pennies go further.

Learn more about how you can make more of your event budget.

6. Promote your event online

Promote your event online

Everyone books events online and through their mobile these days, so it’s important you have a strong presence across both channels. This cross-platform performance is just one of the areas where Eventbrite truly stands out.

Once your event is live on Eventbrite, you’ll also want to make sure you’re doing all the right things to promote it online. Email, social media, landing pages and keyword optimisation all play a part in helping people find your event.

Learn more about how to market your event online.

7. Create a memorable experience

Create a memorable experience

Getting people to register for your event is only one side of the equation. Once they’ve booked a ticket, you should then make sure you communicate with them regularly and get them excited about turning up on the day.

Once there, make sure they have a smooth entry and minimise queues by using Eventbrite Neon. Our newest app enables event staff to instantly verify tickets right at the gate, allowing for shorter lines and quicker entry. Neon turns your phone into a ticket scanner that displays in real time how many tickets you have sold and how many people have already checked in across all entrances.

Download Neon here.

By taking these simple steps, you’ll be setting yourself – and all of your attendees – up for a successful event every time!


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