Four years ago, we launched Hire Space to connect event venues with new customers easily via our online platform and Venue Expert service. We've come up with 6 reasons why Venue Managers might like working with Hire Space, and why venues should join the club!

1. Best SEO in the Industry = High Web Traffic

Our Marketing team has enhanced our site visibility on search engines and as a result 1.3M customers visited our web site in 2016 (7% higher than the previous year). Our digital marketing strategy and tech implementations ensure the platform is always the go-to venue finding marketplace for event professionals anywhere in the UK. Venues joining Hire Space would find their online marketing exposure enhanced within several weeks. It's free to list any number of event spaces!

2. We Only Send Qualified Enquiries to Venues

Through the combined effort of our Venue Experts and Support team, we processed 21k qualified enquiries in 2016 (12% more when compared to the previous year). Our Venue Experts provide hands-on venue-finding support for account managed clients whilst the intuitive platform allows over 125,000 customers to search for relevant venue options every month. To make sure we consistently qualify enquiries promptly before sending them off to venue managers, we've rolled out in-house technology to help our team members keep up with the inbound volume.

3. You Dictate the Types of Events You Want

When a new venue profile is being set up, the user is led by an interactive form where they can dictate the kind of enquiry they're most interested in, restrictions on using outside caterers and indicative pricing for different timings and events. This provides essential data for our search function to showcase venue options only to relevant customer searches.

4. Hassle-Free Referral Rewards Scheme

Not only is it free to list any number of event spaces on Hire Space (we charge 10% fees on confirmed bookings), but venues can also choose to refer unsuitable enquiries to Hire Space and redeem rewards to offset Hire Space fees. No obligations, no sign-up forms, just forward an email and we'll let you know when rewards are due! Here's how it works.

5. We Work with Awesome Clients

We work with event professionals closely from numerous global brands, corporations and independent companies alike. Google, Facebook, Redbull, Deloitte are amongst the 300k entities who've used Hire Space to find venues.

6. 8,000+ Venue Managers Use Hire Space

As of today, over 8,000 Venue Managers use Hire Space to attract new business and position their venue offerings in front of a relevant audience. Listing your venue on Hire Space is easy and quick - get started and join the club! Any questions? Email us at and we'll help you get up to speed in no time.