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5 Ways To Ensure A Fun And Impactful Work Meeting

Meetings serve many important functions, from launching a new initiative, presenting an end-of-year wrap up report, or hosting an annual company-wide gathering.

However, with studies showing that a whopping 46% of all meetings are considered “unproductive” or a “waste of time”, it's essential that you keep proceedings entertaining to make sure everyone's engaged. Here are our top tips for making your meeting memorable for the right reasons!

1. Plan the agenda carefully and share it in advance

It’s important to have a timetable prepared beforehand, and even more important to stick to it during the meeting. Draft an agenda of what you want to accomplish in the allotted time and share it with the team so they’re aware of what's expected - and make sure there's a clear objective to the meeting, so it doesn't feel like it could have been accomplished over email!

2. Incorporate break out sessions - and breaks

A few breakouts during the day are essential to a well-organised meeting. Make sure you give attendees the chance to speak in smaller groups so everyone's voice is heard. This is often where the best ideas come from, so make sure you incorporate smaller brainstorming sessions into the meeting.

Plus, actual breaks are equally - if not more - essential to success! Attendees need time to regroup and refocus amidst hours of discussion, note-taking, and PowerPoints. Factor in time for coffee breaks, some tasty catering, and potentially a more creative activity to reset those brains!

For a venue that accommodates plenty of break out space, and room for everything from presentations to scenario-setting, check out Wallacespace Spitalfields - we love the colourful vibe here too!

Wallacespace Spitalfields

3. Dedicate some time for a Q&A

People want to be heard, especially when changes are being implemented. Carve out some time for attendees to ask questions and voice their opinions. This will not only increase audience engagement, but give the moderator time to respond thoroughly rather than quickly between slides.

Looking for a venue to set the right tone? Nobu Hotel Portman Square's Sakura Boardroom offers a relaxed but upmarket space with intimate seating - an ideal set-up for face-to-face discussions.

Sayuri at Nobu Portman Square
Sakura at Nobu Protman Square
Left: Sayuri Room; Right: Sakura Boardroom at Nobu Hotel Portman Square

4. Incorporate some entertainment

You don't want an event that's all work and no play - we all know that's a slippery to slope to an axe in a bathroom door... Adding in some creative entertainment or activities is a great way to make your meeting stick in guests' minds, and there are plenty of venues that offer just that.

For a unique meeting venue with a fun twist, The Jacques Room at Bounce Holborn has exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to a large meeting space for 70 chairs theatre-style, Bounce is equipped with 3 ping pong tables for breakout sessions and a cocktail bar for post-meeting drinks!

For an extra dose of competitive fun, Puttshack Bank combines ground-breaking technology with childhood nostalgia to give guests a mini break with some mini golf. Plus, with the Rose Private Room, you'll have the perfect set up for a boardroom meeting mixed with a creative outlet.

Bounce Holborn

5. Follow up with your guests afterwards

Don’t lose momentum from that fantastic work meeting - send a follow up email to recap everything that was discussed! Plans for action (or action points) should also be included to remind attendees that their questions and concerns have been acknowledged.

A quick survey asking for improvements or suggestions for the next meeting may also help to boost company morale. Check out our guide on collecting feedback from your event for more advice.

If you're looking to ramp up the impact of your meeting, make sure you follow our top tips - and of course, be sure to check out our top meeting spots in London to find the perfect venue for your event!

Happy planning, and here's to upping the impact with your meetings!


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