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5 Ways To Ensure A Fun And Impactful Work Meeting

Company meetings serve a variety of functions. Whether it’s a launch of a new initiative, an end-of-year wrap up report, or an annual company-wide gathering, the organiser has but one objective: to host an impactful and memorable work event.

Studies have shown that a whopping 46% of all meetings are considered “unproductive” or a “waste of time”. Employees often dread attending scheduled meetings, being almost certain that boredom will ensue. Not to mention, the choice in venue can often make or break the event, too. However, these complaints can all be addressed with a few simple tips to keep in mind during preparation…

1. Plan the agenda carefully and share it in advance

It’s important to have a timetable prepared beforehand, and even more important to stick to it during the meeting. Draft an agenda of what you want to accomplish in the allotted time and share it with the team so they’re aware of what is expected.

2. Incorporate one or two break out sessions

Jacques Room, Bounce Holborn

A few breakouts during the day are essential to a well-organised meeting. Attendees need time to regroup and refocus amidst hours of discussion, note-taking, and PowerPoints. For a unique and creative meeting/conference venue, The Jacques Room at Bounce has exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to a large meeting space for 70 chairs theatre style, Bounce is equipped with 3 ping pong tables for breakout sessions and a cocktail bar + karaoke system for post-meeting drinks. Alternatively, Puttshack Bank combines ground-breaking technology with childhood nostalgia to give guests a mini break with some mini golf.

3. Dedicate some time for a Q&A

Kaijo at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

People want to be heard, especially when changes are being implemented. Carve out some time for attendees to ask questions and voice their opinions. This will not only increase audience engagement, but give the moderator time to respond thoroughly rather than quickly between slides. Nobu Hotel Shoreditch's iconic event space, Kaijo, sports a spacious and formal settings, perfect for both large and small-scale Q&A sessions. Kaijo's flexible rooms with intimate seating offer an ideal set-up for face-to-face discussions. For larger meetings, Glisser provides audience engagement technology in the palm of your hands by allowing guests to respond and ask questions via live polling and digital Q&A's.

4. Choose a light and healthy catered lunch

Hire Space Venue Expert, Beth Traynor, advises companies to serve “light and fresh lunches and snacks to keep guests energised and awake.” Because catering is often on the bottom of the list when searching for a meeting venue, the Living Room at The Hoxton Holborn makes it easy for clients by pre-arranging catering prior to arrival. The Living Room is even equipped with a removable steel wall that connects to the pantry kitchen for large groups!

Richmond Caterers at EventLAB 2019

5. Send a follow-up email afterwards

Don’t lose momentum from that fantastic work meeting - send a follow up email to recap everything that was discussed! Plans for action (or action points) should also be included to remind attendees that their questions and concerns have been acknowledged. A quick survey asking for improvements or suggestions for the next meeting may also help to boost company morale.


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