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5 Reasons Why TOCA Social Is Perfect For Your Post-Lockdown Party

Have you been waiting to organise a night out with your friends, only to be disappointed by the weather? Now that lockdown restrictions are lifting, it's time to start heading indoors! If you enjoy great food, drinks, and fun and immersive games, look no further than TOCA Social: the hottest new social entertainment and dining experience, with a football twist!

However, you don't need to be the next Lionel Messi to enjoy a night out at this venue. Read our 5 reasons why TOCA Social is a perfect post-lockdown hotspot for everyone.

1. Football-based games for everyone!

TOCA Social's easily accessible football games are a great way to get up and moving again, whilst having fun with your friends! With ball tracking and ball delivery technology, arcade style games with three delivery levels, your group will be kicking their way up the scoreboard regardless of your footballing skills.

Whether you're going head-to-head with a friend or hosting a tournament with your colleagues, TOCA Social's football-based games will get everyone playing.

Interactive football at TOCA Social

2. More than just football fun

Although a large part of TOCA Social's allure is its interactive football games, there are lots of other things to enjoy, too.

TOCA Social's Corner Bar is a great hub of activities for your guests. Why not play some table football while awaiting your turn in the playing box? Or challenge your friends and colleagues to a classic game on a retro arcade machine? These activities make the Corner Bar the ideal spot to socialise or network.

Regardless of whether your guests are footy fans or stay on the sidelines, there are plenty of things for everyone to do.

Corner bar view at TOCA Social

3. A Taste of modern americana mixed with delicious cocktails

Devised by Michelin trained creative chef Ross Clarke, this modern Americana menu with a global twist will have you fuelled up and raring to play!

There is a wide selection of food and drinks packages suited to your gathering. Whether you're just a group of mates hanging out, a birthday party, or a corporate dinner, there's something on offer for you. You'll be dining on fancy but classic comfort treats; think tacos, burgers, salads - the works!

And who can say no to a cheeky after work cocktail, or a Saturday night margarita? You'll find these in TOCA Social's top-notch drinks packages, or at their handy cocktail bike.

Food at TOCA Social

4. Willy Wonka inspired dessert room

You heard that right! TOCA Social's desserts are so good they deserve their own room.

After TOCA Social's premium food and drinks, your guests are sure to have built up a sweet tooth. When that happens, you'll be happy to know that TOCA Social's dessert room has enough for everyone - regardless of how many guests there are! There's something for everyone - including a soft serve ice cream bar with multiple unique toppings.

Does dessert count as an activity? When it's an immersive dining experience, it sure does!

Women eating ice dessert at TOCA Social

5. An Iconic Location

TOCA Social says that unforgettable events need iconic locations. That is certainly true for this venue's home - the O2 in Greenwich!

TOCA Social has two floors, and can cater for up to 400 guests! No matter what your event is, you'll know that there's enough space for your guests and lots of things for them to do.

Its famous location is a great first step towards an amazing and memorable event. Who's going to forget the time they played football games at the O2?

View of London O2

Whether you're the next David Beckham, or have never kicked a football in your life, TOCA Social is the perfect place to unwind and socialise. If our 5 reasons to book a post-lockdown party at TOCA Social has persuaded you, chat to one of our venue experts to find out more.





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