An inspiring, stimulating meeting room is the very first step towards a creative and productive meeting. Unconventional design, surprising features, breathtaking views - these can all combine to help you think in different, innovative ways and breed creativity, making you more productive and your ideas more fruitful.

Amongst the plethora of meeting rooms in London, we've looked around for something a little different and found five inspiring spaces that are perfect for your next meeting. Hire Space are here for you - so grab a cuppa and read on for some awe-inspiring meeting venue ideas!

1. 58VE

MR6.1 & MR6.2, 58VEMeeting Room, 58VE

This venue was launched at the end of 2016 and it's pretty darn beautiful. The sixth level is a dedicated meetings space for up to 40 people. The rooms are slightly futuristic, and filled with light courtesy of the glass walls and open layout.

The show-stopping part of this venue? The view! What could be better to get your creative juices flowing than breathtaking views of the Thames and London's most iconic landmarks? There's also a terrace that is just perfect for celebrating a productive day out of the office.

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MR6.1 & MR6.2, 58VEMeeting Room, 58VE

2. Century Club

Cocktail Lounge, Century ClubCocktail Lounge, Century Club

The beautiful Century Club is one of London's most exclusive Private Members' Clubs, which luckily for us, also opens its doors for events for non-members. With exposed brick, vibrant, leafy decor and full AV, the meeting spaces are impressive to say the least. Plus, Century Club is the proud owner of Soho's largest roof terrace, which is the perfect opportunity for a post-meeting beverage. Set amongst the hustle and bustle of glitzy Soho, this is a dazzling venue that oozes class.

How many can say they've been to a meeting at London's 'best kept secret'?!

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The Park Room, Century ClubThe Park Room, Century Club

3. h Club London

The Forest Room, The h ClubThe Forest Room, The h Club

Conveniently located in buzzy Covent Garden, the h Club, formerly titled The Hospital Club, is a seven-storey masterpiece not only housing eclectic meeting rooms, but also a TV studio, gallery, screening room and a whole host of stunning themed spaces. Our favourite has to be the Forest Room - featuring colourful and inspiring outdoorsy decor, this is no normal meeting room. With high-tech facilities and artsy features, you won't be forgetting this meeting in a hurry.

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The Rocket Room, The h ClubThe Rocket Room, The h Club

4. Sutherland Labs

The Basement, Sutherland LabsThe Basement, Sutherland Labs

If boosting creativity is your aim, then Sutherland Labs is the one for you. Another innovative offering from Covent Garden, this converted banana warehouse is a creative paradise, filled with bright and flexible spaces for your next meeting, all with full AV.

Modern kitchen facilities are available for use, creating a more relaxed feel to the day, and floor-to-ceiling whiteboards will add a creative edge to your meetings - let your inner child come out to play and brainstorm to your heart's content!

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The Lounge, Sutherland LabsThe Lounge, Sutherland Labs

5. Lumiere London

Tropical LibraryTropical Library, Lumiere London

Lumiere London is, in short, a warehouse of dreams. Our favourite space is the leafy Tropical Library - cosy and colourful, you're sure to feel inspired in this space with its comfortable sofas and library of over 6000 books (if you find yourself at a loose end). A go-to choice for some pretty big names, this unique venue is in high demand and is a perfect option to shake up your meetings - think jungle library vibes in the heart of the City.

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Tropical Library, Lumiere LondonTropical Library, Lumiere London

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