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London's 5 Most Innovative Conference Venues

Conferences aren't what they used to be. Where they may once have been hot, sticky affairs with your bog standard talks, now they're something completely different.

They're multi-sensory. Interactive. Social. There might be a 3D hologram, live interaction, real-time feedback, live tweeting, smart seating, digital networking - the list goes on.

And London's venues are leading the way in this revolution. Here are five of the best.

1. The Steel Yard

The Steel Yard

Nestled under the historic railway arches of Cannon Street, The Steel Yard's past as a warehouse infuses it with a charming, industrial appeal, but don't be fooled: its contemporary facilities also guarantee a seamless execution of your event.

Top-notch AV equipment, lighting, and tech mean that this venue has plenty of scope to be played around with, to make your conference truly stand out!

2. London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum

For global conference attendees who don't have much time to explore the city, the London Transport Museum offers a delightful bonus. With complimentary access to explore the rich tapestry of London's transport history, this venue blends business with a touch of London’s illustrious past.

The Cubic Theatre at the London Transport Museum is meticulously designed to ensure your event stands out. Equipped with a stage, an integrated lectern, and a top-of-the-line projector, the theatre guarantees that presentations will be as sharp as a bus conductor's hole punch!

3. Lumiere London

Lumiere London

Lumiere London is bright and contemporary venue, great for conferences. The rooms are versatile and can be put together in any way you please. Audio Visual equipment is available for use and a large television for presentations.

Former clients include Nike, Vogue, and Facebook, to name a few.

4. Battersea Evolution

Battersea Evolution

Battersea Evolution stakes a fair claim to being London's most versatile and flexible events venue, and that's partly due to it's 6am-6am tenancy period, and the expansive blank space inside that can be transformed into whatever you've dreamt up for your event.

But it's also because of the impressive facilities, the unimpeded space and the central location. It's transferring the creative power from the venue back to you, the event planner.

5. Studio Spaces E1

Studio Spaces E1

Transformed from a nightclub, this venue has all the energy of high-spirited events, but has decided to apply them to conferences. It's seen everything from break-dancing demonstrations to glowing alien mannequins (yeh, we're not sure what that was about either) - and it's all showered in natural daylight from windows that open out to a cobbled street.

Its unique brand of energy, luxury and stark beauty makes it a whole re-conception of what a conference venue can offer.


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With a love of interior design, Imogen’s writing experience has taken her from the mansions of the rich and famous to the capital’s most unique events spaces on Hire Space.

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