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113 Chancery Lane at The Law Society

113 Chancery Lane is a versatile venue suited to everything from weddings to awards dinners. Alighting from the tube at Temple on your way to the venue, you will find yourself in one of the most curious areas in London. Heading Northwest toward Chancery Lane, you will quickly find yourself amongst quiet stone alleyways and grand courtyards. These are the Inns of Court, which today host the professional associations to which the solicitors of England and Wales must belong. It is an area of quiet awe, the grand buildings quietly boasting of the stories they conceal. The Inns of Court were not always such a tranquil oasis, turn back the clock 200 years and you would find drunks in place of interns hauling documents and inns and taverns in place of the law firms. The neighbourhood was bawdy and provided refuge to those looking to evade the attention of the City militia or more nefarious parties. It was the arrival of Robert Peel and the world’s first regular police force in 1829 that began the area’s transition into the austere facade we see today.

113 Chancery Lane at The Law Society was founded in 1825 to improve the reputation of the legal profession recieving its Royal Charter in 1845. Today 113 Chancery Lane offers a stunning venue for events looking to surround their guests in luxury and excellence.

The Law Society

As a conference venue, 113 Chancery Lane is simply excellent. The Bayes Room with its gallery level bookcases, high ceilings and marble columns is a spectacular space to host conferences and meetings. Whatever the size of the event, 113 Chancery Lane can accommodate thanks to breakout rooms, in-house caterers and cutting-edge AV tech to make your ideas and presentations shine.

If you’re looking for luxury on your big day, 113 Chancery Lane is a wonderful wedding venue. Archetypal of London’s grandeur, 113 Chancery Lane provides a stunningly photogenic backdrop to your ceremony and reception. The events team have a razor-sharp attention to detail and an enviable list of contacts and suppliers. They will personally guide you through your decisions, bending over backwards to ensure that your perfect day runs without a hitch.

No matter the requirements for your event, the team at 113 Chancery Lane can work with you to create something truly bespoke. The talented creative team have years of experience and are the masters of creating parties that guests will simply never forget. For your catering, their chefs love to show off their culinary skills and are on hand to help you design a personal menu to make your event extra special.

Memorable events in elegant surroundings are 113 Chancery Lane's forte. From opulent parties and award ceremonies to wedding receptions and drinks parties, the venue hosts some of the very finest. From the moment your guests enter past the imposing gold lions that guard the entrance, they’ll enjoy an event that exceeds all expectations.

113 Chancery Lane is holding a showcase on the 19th of September 2018. Sample their menu and win fantastic prizes.

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Want to experience an event in the luxurious 113 Chancery Lane? Enquire with our Venue Experts for help and advice to make booking your event a joy.


George Barker

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