24th April 2018

Paddington to Whitechapel in 26 minutes. 4 million letters a day. 70 feet below ground level. These are the figures that defined Mail Rail, an ingenious and fascinating facet of London's history. In the height of its functioning in the 1930s, the "post office railway" stopped at nine stations and was the reason Londoners received their cherished letters and postcards (and yes, those not-so-cherished bills).

Based at one of the most important of the mail stops – the sorting office at Mount Pleasant, in Farringdon is the Postal Museum.

The Postal Museum reveals the surprising and fascinating story of the first 'social network' with mesmerising innovations and interactive exhibitions alongside modern research facilities and learning activities for all ages.

But here's where it gets even more exciting (to us events-industry types, anyway): The Postal Museum is hireable as a stunning subterranean venue for up to 275 people. It's one that's sure to impress even guests who've tried and tested most of London's venues. There's truly no comparison to having your party, product launch, photo shoot, networking event – or whatever your occasion may be – 70 feet underground, in a 100-year-old tunnel. Obviously.

Because of the nature of the beautiful space, it's the perfect place for immersive and experiential events. Case in point: last year it was converted into a tennis court for Andy Murray's secret warm-up for Wimbledon.

What makes this venue truly unique is the Mail Rail itself, which is still in working order and now runs as a 15-minute tour through the historical tunnels for attendees at events held at the museum. It's sure to knock a successful event out of the park and get your guests talking.

And as if that's not enough, those after the sun rays need not fear: though the history's underground, the fun stretches to ground level, too, with a contemporary courtyard space accommodating up to 140 people. It's ideal for cocktail parties, summer BBQs and other suitably sunny get-togethers.

If you'd like to hold your next event at this spectacular venue, get in touch here.

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