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Purple Hound: Championing Accessibility in Events

In October this year, Hire Space is bringing its first live experience, EventLAB, to CodeNode in London. The event brings together senior event bookers, venues, suppliers and a stellar lineup of industry thought leaders for two days of talks, CPD accredited workshops and masterclasses alongside interactive networking opportunities.

The aim of the two-day event is to provide valuable face time with clients and venues but most of all to solve the everyday challenges faced by event bookers. We want to tackle the topics that are really affecting the events industry, which is why we're very pleased to have partnered with Purple Hound to bring the issue of accessibility in events to the fore.

Recent reports have valued the UK events industry at £39.1 billion. Yet with more than 11 million disabled people in the UK, the combined spending power of this group, is a staggering £249 billion, six times the value of the industry. However, a third of people with disabilities still experience difficulties in accessing public, commercial and leisure goods and services.


Considering the scope and variety of events, tackling accessibility within in events industry provides a unique opportunity to improve the lives of those living with disabilities, whilst at the same time increasing the value of the industry as a whole.

So, where does Purple Hound come in?

Purple Hound is a consumer brand dedicated to accessibility. It promotes the availability of all products and services to everyone, including those with special access requirements and disabilities. Purple Hound exists to highlight accessibility champions that push the boundaries of what people expect from inclusive products and services.

As a disability champion, Purple Hound is engaging with venues, businesses and consumers with an interest in improving accessibility.

Research conducted by the brand found a largely positive record within the industry when it comes to accessibility, but a lack of discussion around the topic, despite many people thinking the events industry is a critical market.

Through Purple Hound's rating initiative and by consulting with the events industry, Purple Hound aims to assist the industry and individual venues with awareness, training and information to offer the best possible accessible experience.

You can find out more about Purple Hound here and register for EventLAB with this form.


Amy Stroud

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