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Magical Meetings at Vintners’ Hall

We’ve all heard that inspirational message ‘we will meet again’. But when we do, why should it be somewhere boring?!

After months of social distancing, you need somewhere magical to kick off your business meetings. And if you’re looking to inject some sparkle, look no further than Vintners’ Hall. We’re talking all the history, splendour and views you need to sweep your delegates and colleagues off their feet and to truly end social distancing with a bang.

We’ve picked out just some of the reasons why it’s so special.

Packed full of tradition

Vintners' Hall is the headquarters of the historic Vintners’ Company – one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London, which was incorporated by Royal Charter all the way back in 1363!

As such, it’s home to some fascinating rituals and traditions, from parades and feasts to traditional dress. Our favourite is the procession that marks the installation of the Master in July each year, where the Master and Wardens carry posies and the path is swept ahead of them with a birch broom. Back in the Middle Ages, the posies were meant to counteract the stench of medieval London, while the brooms cleared the streets of filth.

Thankfully, Central London’s much cleaner these days so you’ll be pleased to know you’ll have no need for either during a meeting here!

Vintners' Company procession

Packed full of history

Inside, Vintners’ Hall is even more impressive than you might expect. And when a place carries so much history, we can’t help but expect to be blown away!

The Livery Hall, which was the original meeting place for members of the Company, is the perfect space for those larger meetings or conferences when you really just want to show off. The room as it is now was built all the way back in 1671 and it still boasts some 17th Century carvings!

Alternatively, if you’re after a classic meeting room for up to 25 guests, check out the stunning Boardroom. Situated in Five Kings House adjacent to the Hall, this room was built in 1911 and is a stunning example of neoclassical style, with some baroque elements too. We’re talking wood-panelled walls, a marble mantelpiece, intricate plaster mouldings on the ceiling and a jaw-dropping crystal chandelier. Now that’s what we call impressive!

Packed full of wine!

Vintners’ Hall is known as the spiritual home of the International Wine Trade, with the Company’s origins steeped in the history of the import, regulation and sale of wine. In fact, it still keeps strong links with the UK Wine Trade to this day.

Now, we’re not entirely sure that wine and business meetings are the best combination. But you certainly can’t argue that a small glass of red isn’t a great way to wind down after the business talk’s all finished… it’s always 5 'o clock somewhere, right?!

The Livery Hall at Vintners' Hall

Premium location

You’d be hard-pressed to find somewhere better for a business meeting than the City of London. Not only is it packed with some of the finest historic architecture in the capital, but its excellent transport links make it super easy to get to – whether your delegates are coming from the other side of the city, the country or even the world!

But that’s not all. Thanks to its unbeatable location, Vintners’ Hall also offers unbeatable views of its surroundings from a gorgeous roof terrace – the ideal spot for post-meeting drinks or a sunny breakout space if the Boardroom is your meeting room of choice.

The roof terrace at Vintners' Hall

The venue that gives back

It always helps to know that the venues you work with share your values. So, you’ll be pleased to know that charity and education have been a major focus for the Vintners’ Company since as early as the 15th Century!

Nowadays, the Company runs the Vintners’ Foundation, which is focused primarily on helping families who are suffering as a result of alcohol dependence, as well as helping young people from deprived backgrounds get the best start in life. With a focus on Greater London and Inner London in particular, it’s great to know that this Company is having such a positive impact at home.

The Livery Hall at Vintners' Hall

If, like us, you can’t wait to meet again, why not start planning a meeting at Vintners’ Hall? Just get in touch with our venue experts for more information and start getting excited!





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