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Say Hello To Live Availability

After a successful pilot, Hire Space is rolling out Live Availability functionality to venues on the platform. Are you interested in receiving more enquiries, that are better qualified and more likely to convert? Then read on.

What is live availability?

Live Availability shows whether a venue or space is available for a particular date or time. Hire Space integrates with venue management systems (currently Priava and Collins) to get a real-time update of availability.

If a date isn’t available the system offers an alternative to the client. This could be suggesting an alternative day either side of the requested date, the following or previous week, or even an alternative venue if you are a venue group. We do everything we can to promote your venue/s availability.

Not to be confused with live booking, Live Availability helps maximise efficiency for both venues and clients by displaying the availability of a venue in a timely and accurate way. Our Client Services team can then send venues qualified enquiries that convert.

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Why do venue managers need live availability?

Event organisers are booking more and more events each year and are becoming increasingly time-poor. We have become used to booking a hotel room in a few clicks yet it still takes weeks to book a venue. Live availability is a way for venues to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.  
Our integrations with Priava and Collins will help venues generate more, higher quality enquiries. It will help sales teams work more efficiently, enabling them to spend precious time with their most important clients. Live availability will revolutionise the industry and venues who engage with it will be put in front of clients before their competitors can respond. According to Lead Connect 78% of customers buy from the first responders and early adopters will reap the benefits over the rest of the market.

‘Live Availability is the Holy Grail of the Events industry’ - Will Swannell, CEO Hire Space.

Live Availability is not instant booking

Live Availability should not be confused with instant booking. Venues will always maintain complete control over the booking process, while clients (who increasingly work to tighter time frames) can focus on venues that are most likely to be able to accommodate their brief.

The result will be reduced booking time and less time wasted on both sides.

Still not convinced?

The Shakespeare Museum and Theatre participated in the live availability pilot earlier in the year, and over a 6 month period they benefited from 44% more enquiries, 33% more bookings and 37% more revenue.


How to get started with Live Availability?

Currently, we offer integrations with Priava and Collins (with more partnerships in the pipeline). It is a straightforward integration and you won’t need your IT team to help you get set up. Just reach out to venues@hirespace.com and the support team will assist.

Alternatively, if you don’t use Priava or Collins and would like to register interest in taking part, let us know via this form!


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