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Top Venues

7 Venues With Ridiculously Cool Staircases

When you're looking for a London venue with an eye-catching centrepiece, here are 7 venues with staircases that will literally blow your mind!

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Venue Hire

Say Hello To Live Availability

After a successful pilot, Hire Space is rolling out Live Availability functionality to venues listed on the platform. Helping ensure you generate more revenue, faster bookings and higher qualified leads.

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5 Last Minute Christmas Party Venues

We've put together a list of our top 5 last minute Christmas Party venues to help you save Christmas.

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How To PR Like A Pro: Writing for PR

Hire Space has partnered with davies tanner to bring practical advice and takeaways on brand communications and PR (public relations) to its venue members.

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Venue Design

The Top 10 Most Ingenious Venue Designs

When planning for an event, you always want it to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible. This becomes a whole lot easier when the venue has a unique and exciting design to wow your attendees.

5 min read