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How Is Hire Space Free?

It can be difficult to get your head around. You have access to thousands of unique venues from across the UK, you can contact them in seconds, and you aren't charged even a penny. In fact, you'll probably end up saving money. Too good to be true, right?

Actually, no. We've worked out a way to make sure we never need to charge our customers anything.

Let us explain.

1. Here's how Hire Space works

Hire Space works

You're after a venue. You go onto Hire Space, discover your favourites, and contact them quickly and easily via the website.

Once you've picked one you love, you book it with the venue manager that you've contacted through Hire Space. Pretty simple.

2. Venues might not be free, but Hire Space is

Hire Space

You do, sadly, have to pay to hire out a venue. We can't do much about that - other than help you to get the best deals possible.

But, that whole time, from searching for and finding your venue, to finalising the payment with the manager, you never pay Hire Space a penny.

You just get free reign to use our website and expertise to make your event unique and easy to plan.

3. So how does Hire Space make money?

Making Money with Hire Space

Once the venue has been booked, the payment has gone through, and the event has taken place, the venue manager then pays Hire Space a small fee. Which means that, until they get a booking, venues don't pay Hire Space a penny either.

This is why we're able to help so many schools, community centres, and charities. Even venues with no budget for marketing can get exposure and bookings through Hire Space, because they don't have to pay anything up front.

So, in a nutshell:

You pay the venue, have your amazing event, and then the venue pays Hire Space.

And that's how we never need to ask you for a penny.


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Tommy Shane

Marketing Manager at Hire Space

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