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How Hire Space 360 Will Help You Navigate The New Normal in Events

There's no denying the coronavirus pandemic has sent shockwaves throughout the events industry, disrupting everything in its path. We understand the uncertainty you may be feeling around government restrictions, company budgets and delegate confidence.

So, as we look ahead to a time where in-person events will once again take place, we consider what the new landscape may look like, and the specific features of Hire Space 360 we have developed to help you succeed in the new normal.

What is Hire Space 360?

Hire Space 360 is our premium strategic meetings management solution for modern businesses. With many high-profile, happy customers, the service has launched some critical new solutions to help these businesses navigate through the 'new normal' of the events industry. But what does this look like?

Independent safety accreditation for in-person events

As live events begin a phased return to normal, there will be a focus on ramping up the safety of delegates at live events, and rightly so. If you're not sure how to go about this, or how to communicate with your delegates, Hire Space 360 will offer independent accreditation that you have minimised all risk to delegates.

In May 2020, Hire Space launched a Safer Events accreditation, driven by clients like you, to safely open up spaces in London and the UK. As an organiser, you will be independently assessed across a set of safety criteria that minimise all risk of transmission for your attendees. Measures include distancing, sterilisation, PPE, training & policy and hybrid event provision. We will also be accrediting venues who meet the criteria, so you know every measure has been taken to make your event environment safe.

Think of this as a framework to safely organise essential meetings and events, above and beyond government guidelines, and with materials that clearly communicate these measures to give your attendees the confidence that you’ve put their safety first.

As events start to happen again, all events booked by Hire Space 360 clients will be given a free Safer Events assessment and certification, normally £79 per event for non-Hire Space Professional clients.

You can read more about our Safer Events program here.

A move towards hybrid and virtual

As the pandemic has progressed over the past few months, we've seen a sharp rise in event planners turning to virtual events as a means of maintaining communication with their audience and projecting brand messaging.

As live events start to gradually return, event planners will continue to value the ease and cost-effective benefits of virtual events and be bound to include hybrid virtual elements to their in-person events. This will form a key part of all companies’ event strategies.

This all takes work, and this is where Hire Space 360 comes in - we want to ensure you're as prepared as possible for running regular events with virtual components, so we're offering comprehensive online Virtual Event Training courses to quickly upskill your team so that you’re ready to produce world class virtual and hybrid events.

We also offer virtual and hybrid event consultancy as a complete, end-to-end service. This service includes help with choosing the right platform, budgeting, resourcing, technology sourcing and best practice, content creation, strategic reporting and more.

Importantly, we have also negotiated discounts of between 5-50% with the best-in-breed technology providers which we can pass to all our clients, with a further 10% off these technology platforms to our Hire Space 360 clients.

Our aim is to help you re-skill and re-tool to become virtual and hybrid event experts in your own right. Find out more about virtual and hybrid events through Hire Space 360 here.

Flexible talent to support event teams in changing times

As businesses adapt to the impact of COVID-19 and the ever changing events landscape, flexible staffing solutions will be all the more essential.

Hire Space has built a network of trusted events professionals which you can call upon as and when you need. This will be especially useful over the coming months as companies prioritise quality over quantity for in-person events and need to dial-up their team more periodically for these key events.

Whether that’s on-site event management, flexible support for venue-sourcing, delegate management, or your own Virtual Event Expert for your next online event.

Hire Space 360 flexible teams are all thoroughly assessed and referenced to ensure that they are the best around, and there whenever you need them.

Remote event teams supported by technology

With most of us making the switch to remote working over the past few months, companies across the world have seen the savings and environmental benefit working from home can bring. Innovative technology allows teams to continue working fluidly as a unit, despite not physically being together. In many cases, productivity and internal communication has soared.

With the coronavirus pandemic present in our lives for the foreseeable future, remote event teams will be a feature of our lives for a while to come. That means companies need to adapt and achieve the same goals from home as they would in the office.

That's why Hire Space 360 offers a fully digital service, through a simple dashboard. You can check availability at venues, source suppliers and negotiate rates, take 3D tours of venues and even book events with a click of a button. That way, you can carry on business as normal, wherever you are.

Certainty in an uncertain marketplace

It's difficult to prepare for an uncertain future. The events industry has undergone immense change in a short period of time, but we're certain that event professionals will find a way to adapt - with you and your colleagues leading the way.

Hire Space 360 is here to support you in thriving in your role and give you a sense of certainty when times are tough.

It’s everything the modern event planner needs to create memorable events, in person and online, whatever the world throws at us.

With our expert impartial advice and support, plus significant saving capability, we will get you in the best possible stead to create unforgettable events for your customers, in whatever form they may be.

If you're interested in Hire Space 360 and want to discuss further how we can help you during this uncertain time and beyond, get in touch to request more information.





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