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How Hire Space 360 Helped CoachHub Scale Their Events Programme By 60% In One Year

Hire Space 360 offers a comprehensive solution for enterprises to simplify their event management. With services ranging from venue and supplier sourcing to contracting and overall management, it's designed to expedite and enhance the event planning journey.

For CoachHub, a leading digital coaching company with a comprehensive events strategy, the goal of partnering with Hire Space 360 was clear: to extend their resources and enhance the scope of their event strategy.

Discover how Hire Space 360 empowered this company to elevate their event strategy below.

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The Overview

For CoachHub, events are central to their marketing strategy. However, with a small marketing team, managing resources can be challenging. Enter Hire Space 360: the service has transformed their approach to event planning by streamlining venue selection and the coordination of simultaneous events.

This has enabled CoachHub to channel their resources into producing 60% more world-class events that offer an unparalleled attendee experience. Here’s how we helped them do it:

The Client’s Key Challenges

Scaling Up with Limited Resources

CoachHub previously managed 20 events annually with just two team members. This required extensive coordination with contractors, venue viewings, and more, which left them stretched and often stressed. Targeted with increasing their events output to 30+ in the upcoming year made them look for ways to extend their resources without bringing in a new team member.

Time-Consuming Venue Sourcing

The marketing team was dedicating a significant amount of time to venue sourcing, which detracted from other essential aspects of their marketing strategy. This not only compromised the potential of their existing events but also held them back from being able to scale their programme.

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The Solution: Hire Space 360

CoachHub came onboard with Hire Space 360 in 2022. As Luke Fagg, Team Lead of UKI Field Marketing at CoachHub, said: “We initially opted for Hire Space 360 as more of a time-saver than anything else; little did I know they would add much more value.”

Some of the key areas where the service provided value to the company include:

Significant Time Savings

With Hire Space 360, the client saved at least 12 hours per event, allowing them to focus on enhancing the quality and content of their events. Beyond venue sourcing, the team has also spared CoachHub innumerable hours in supplier negotiations and has provided invaluable logistical support.

Deep Understanding of Client Needs

The team at Hire Space 360 took the time to understand the client's brand and objectives thoroughly, which often varied greatly from event to event. This level of understanding impressed the client and ensured that their needs were met with precision. “We've just been so impressed with the level of understanding that Hire Space has… What I'm so impressed with is the people behind it, that makes the platform so effective because Emily really takes the time to understand us. It means far more effective events.”

Venue Proposal Tool

CoachHub's event delivery team particularly appreciated the Venue Proposal Tool, which was made even more effective by Emily, their Relationship Manager, who became intimately familiar with the client's brand.

As Luke Fagg, Senior Field Marketing Manager at CoachHub, told Hire Space: “Emily has already taken the time through the countless amount of venues in London. We used to have to go and view a dozen properties for one event. Now, I'm only viewing two or three.”

Centralised Contracting and Payments

With a centralised contract, covering all the suppliers for an event, Hire Space 360 eliminated the hassle of negotiating and working through multiple contracts. This has saved the team hours of back-and-forth with venues, allowing them more time to focus on promoting and planning the event.

And with Hire Space acting as a guarantor for events, CoachHub can now pay through one central supplier, making financial logistics more manageable and easier to track.

Stress Alleviation

CoachHub quickly began to view Hire Space as an integral part of their team, streamlining processes and reducing the burden on their internal resources. “As much as it's a time management thing it's a stress management tool for us because there's so many things we don't need to worry about and we view Hire Space as an extension of our team. I can't say enough that is completely integral to the success of our strategy.”

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Spotlight Event: The Annual Summit

CoachHub's annual summit, a prestigious event with 100-150 attendees, was one of their key events throughout the year, and targeted their most valuable prospects. Being interactive in nature, it was a huge undertaking and was expected to be a significant time drain.

With Hire Space 360's assistance, the client managed everything from catering and AV to overall event coordination seamlessly and much more efficiently than expected, allowing them more time to focus on the attendee experience. The team at CoachHub, and their attendees, were delighted with the event.

“The team continue to surpass expectations with every event we run.” Luke Fagg

The Results

Scaling Events With Ease

In the year since CoachHub first integrated Hire Space 360 into their event functions, they have delivered 60% more events than the previous 12 months, each of which has been efficiently organised and successful for the company. They have managed to scale their event programme from 20-32 events in a cost-effective way, by extending their team flexibly, rather than bringing on new team members.

“We've increased the number of events we do and that's only been possible because of the time saving elements that Hire Space provides. We honestly cannot say enough, the service is integral to our event strategy because without it, we couldn't deliver the amount of events that we do.” Luke Fagg


Hire Space 360 has proven to be an invaluable partner for CoachHub. As Luke states: “We've had such good success with Hire Space that we're looking to roll the service out across the wider immediate team… We see Hire Space as an integral part of our future.”

By saving time, simplifying logistics, and offering tools that cater to the specific needs of enterprise event departments, Hire Space 360 ensures that clients can focus on what truly matters: delivering outstanding events. To find out more about how Hire Space 360 could help improve efficiency and scale your event programmes, book a call below.


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