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Arena Case Study: Adapt With Arena

Arena is a brand new virtual and hybrid events platform developed by event profs, for event profs. More and more companies are turning to Arena as the ultimate option for their events, due to the affordable yet feature-rich offering Arena brings.

Read on for a case study on how we ran a four-part virtual event titled Adapt with Arena for our customers.

Table of Contents

1. The objective
2. The delivery
3. The challenges
4. The result
5. Things to consider

The objective

The main objective of this virtual event series was to equip event professionals with all the tools they need to not only survive, but to thrive, in the current and future events industry as it emerges from the pandemic. We used Arena because not only is it our product, but also because it was simply the best option to deliver our events.

Each of the four instalments had a different focus, the first being a discussion around Covid certification and vaccine passports at events. This first instalment aimed to shed some light on the topic, provide guidance to event planners, and also provide a platform for frank and open conversation on thoughts surrounding this topic.

The second instalment was focused on the key skills event planners will need going forward, and how planners can prepare for the return to live events, held in association with the Event Marketing Association (EMA).

The third instalment aimed to provide a glimpse of the current events market in order to help planners, suppliers and venues better understand post-pandemic booking trends. This instalment also was an opportunity to showcase Venue Performance, a revolutionary new data benchmarking platform.

The fourth instalment, held in partnership with Events At Club Chelsea, was all about strategising for the return to in-person events and how planners can get to grips with the new in-person event experience.


Arena homepage

The delivery

The event was a four-part virtual conference, taking place on four separate dates a few weeks apart. Each instalment of the event consisted of a main stage livestream for the main content sessions, as well as drop-in breakout rooms for showcasing Arena to interested attendees. The chat function was also up and running, to allow attendees to mingle during the event. In total, we welcomed 284 attendees across the three instalments.

As we offer end-to-end managed service, the livestream was run in-house by one of our Live Stream Producers, with the operational side of the event run by one of our Virtual Event Managers.


arena schedule

The challenges

The main challenge we encountered when delivering Adapt with Arena was ensuring that the launch of some brand new features went smoothly and provided attendees with a valuable and smooth experience. We trialled our new sponsor booths at these events, which went very well, and this is now something Arena can offer for all customers and all events.


arena sponsor booths

The result

The event series was a great success and generated some really interesting talking points. We received lots of positive feedback from attendees, partners and speakers and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and glean some useful takeaways.

The breakout rooms worked seamlessly and the event objectives were achieved. Please feel free to check out the writeups for each instalment, which include the session recordings, key takeaways and Q&A, below.

Catch up on Adapt with Arena

Things to consider

As with all events, there were things which could have been improved, and things which worked well. One such feature that worked extremely well was the brand new feature of live polling. The audience responded really positively to this feature and were extremely engaged when speakers asked poll questions. We take this as a huge success, and will be sure to run more polls at our next event.


If you'd like to read another Arena success story, read our case study on a recent virtual event for a major management consultancy. If you're interested in finding out more about Arena or want to start planning events of your own, book a demo with our Event Experts below.


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