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Hire Space Professional: A Day in the Life

I’d love to say that organising an event is every bit as fun as the event itself, but in reality, it’s hard work.

Anyone that has organised a major event knows the dedication it takes to bring everything together to achieve success. It’s a stressful job managing the requirements of your guests, expectations of your boss and the resources available.

That is why Hire Space Professional exists. It’s an account managed, event organising service designed to help professional event bookers.

Currently, most event sourcing involves time-consuming and tedious manual processes. Hire Space is cutting through these constrictions using tech innovations to make organising events as stress-free and streamlined as possible.


But just how do the Hire Space Professional team help their clients host exceptional events?

In this two-part blog series, we’re looking at what a day is like in the life of a modern events organiser as we follow Carolyn Walters, the Head of Account Management through a busy day with Hire Space Professional clients.

Part 1: The Morning

The morning begins for the team as it does for many in modern offices, emails are checked, the day is planned (it’s certainly a busy one) and a slice of avocado on toast gives a boost for the tasks ahead.

Many of the great events hosted by the team’s clients begin with an email and this morning it’s a request for a conference venue in Copenhagen. The brief calls for a space to epitomise the company’s values of vitality, exploration and disruption. It’s a flagship event in the company’s calendar and everything has to be perfect.

As the account managers get to know their clients, they develop an intimate understanding of the client’s brands, desired venue style and special requirements they have for events. Today is no different and Carolyn is able to rapidly access two venues from Hire Space’s live marketplace of venues that she thinks would be perfect for the event.

The Hire Space Professional Team are able to access the newest and very best venues thanks to Hire Space's online community of venues with 100s more joining every month.

Hire Space professional service

Saving their clients time is paramount to the Hire Space professional service, and Hire Space’s digital inventory of thousands of venues is an invaluable tool. Sophisticated internal search algorithms are able to serve up great venues sorted by availability.

While she waits for the venues to respond to her enquiries, Carolyn begins to gather details on transport and accommodation for her clients as she knows they’ll be travelling internationally to attend.

Both venues respond that they’re available on the required date but one quotes their regular hire price as much higher than the client is looking to spend. The other is lower but still offering a quote that is over budget, but thanks to an existing relationship with the venue, Carolyn is able to negotiate it down to under the client’s budget.

Hire Space will deliver £200 million worth of enquiries to venues in 2020, so we have great buying power and can negotiate brilliant rates for our clients


A price agreed with the venue, work on a proposal to the client can begin. This visualises how the event will work in the space including capacity, catering availability and access to transport.

Carolyn checks her notes on how the client likes their proposals formatted. Every client has different needs and it’s these small details and touches that make the client's life easier and reducing the stress and hassle that comes with organising large events.

Hire Space’s internal systems are always expanding to improve quick convenient communication channels with venues and suppliers. What’s more, deals and offers are being integrated into the sourcing processes for rapid communication with clients.

Thanks to the hard work of the Hire Space tech team, data from over 300,000 enquiries sent to venues is being smartly utilised to develop our systems and make venue sourcing more efficient than ever before.

Customer Dashboard

Thanks to a live dashboard, personalised for each user, Clients have immediate access to venues hand-picked to suit them, rewards, reports, and the status of ongoing enquiries.

If the client is happy with the proposal Carolyn can send over the client’s bespoke terms and conditions ensuring the venue is fully prepared and ready to meet their expectations for the event they’re planning to host.

Now that the proposal is with the client, the morning ends as Carolyn gets ready to leave the office to take another client to lunch and venue viewing.

We’ll check back in for the afternoon to find out how the team entertain clients and follow them on a visit to discover a newly opened venue in Part II.


Hire Space exists to make booking events a joy and Hire Space Professional is a service designed to help you create memorable events for your clients and employees while lowering costs for your business. To find out how Hire Space Professional could benefit you, your business and your events follow the link below.


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