Hire Space is excited to announce a partnership with BEAM, a start-up designed to help homeless people and get them back into work by investing in their future.


Why it Matters

The partnership is part of a continued effort by Hire Space to contribute to solving the homelessness crisis. Last year we initiated a program working
with venues to offer their spaces as short-term accommodation during severe weather emergencies. and we're determined to continue to contribute going forward.

With record numbers of people sleeping rough in London and homelessness on the rise across the UK, initiatives like BEAM are more important than ever.


How BEAM Works

BEAM mobilises donations from businesses and the public through crowdfunding campaigns. Each campaign aims to fund the training of someone currently homeless to provide them with the skills and training they need to get into work. You can go to Beam’s website to donate directly to an individual campaign or make a donation that is split across all active campaigns.

In their first year, Beam has successfully funded over 50 campaigns, with 14 homeless people in work - many of whom had been out of work for decades or their entire lives. This constitutes more than 90% of people who have completed their training and we're helping Beam to have an even bigger impact in 2019. Reading the success stories of those helped is inspiring and its easy to see the improvement the donations are making on people's lives.


How Hire Space is Helping

Our partnership with BEAM means that for every venue our clients book through us this winter, we’ll provide them with a £10 BEAM gift card . Clients are then able to choose where the money goes, donating it either across all campaigns or to a single person's training.

Every donation supports homeless people, helping them get training and develop the skills they need for employment, so they can leave homelessness for good.