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7 ½ Ideas for Events at East Wintergarden Guests Will Never Forget

Located in the beating heart of London’s financial sector, East Wintergarden offers a glamorous corporate venue for events looking for a bit of flair and fizzle. Comprised of three exceptional spaces, East Wintergarden offers a premier events experience on any scale. From knowledge sharing workshops for 20 delegates to magnificent gala dinners, East Wintergarden is ready to make your event a success.

Comprising of the Promenade, the Gallery and the Main Hall, the beauty of East Wintergarden (besides the stunning architectural designs of Cesar Pelli) is the flexibility each of these spaces offers. No matter how big or wild your ideas for an event are, these event spaces are ready to make them a reality.

Landspeed record-breaking car exhibit East Wintergarden

1. The All Weather Garden Party

Escape the humidity of London summers or the claggy grey cold of winter to a fresh event experience. The Main Hall can easily accommodate the level of production needed to create a natural garden paradise. Continue this theme with gin tastings, mini-sandwiches and other garden party classics. This event theme particularly suits conferences as a way of creating more interesting break out areas to keep guests refreshed and inspired.

Indoor Garden Party at East Wintergarden

2. Life Aquatic

Some particularly adventurous event planners working on corporate dinner parties have utilised live water features on their tables, including miniature rivers running down the length of the banquet tables. Along with inventive decor, East Wintergarden features high-tech lighting rigs allowing for watery effects to be projected onto the venue walls.

Water themed event

3. Duelling Musicians

The Main Hall is used to setting up stages, so why not centre your dinner entertainment around two? Musicians, pianists working particularly well, can battle back and forth playing popular music medleys to entertain the crowd. Once the performance is over, why not indulge in some after dinner Karaoke?

Musicians on Stage

4. Team-building Challenge?

East Wintergarden has previously hosted sporting events so why not set up activities for your guests? How about a dodgeball match or a squash court in the middle of your trade show. Perhaps create challenges like rallying high scores and give the opportunity to win prizes.

Sports Event

5. Just a Little Taste

For smaller events, the Gallery is a space that still brings the wow factor even without larger numbers. This intimate space enjoys the full beauty of East Wintergarden’s glass facade, looking out over the Docklands area. Why not create a tasting event. Perfect for networking sessions tasting stands for wines from across the globe make great spots for guests to mingle and make connections.

The Gallery at East Wintergarden

6. Colour Me Interested

Buck the trend of corporate parties, while executive black is certainly stylish in the right situations, break free from monochrome monotony and go vibrant. Take inspiration from the sixties and inject your event with colour. A pop-art event in which guests get the opportunity to paint specially set up walls, unleash their own creativity and create a collaborative work of art. Collaborative event projects like this are a great way to get guests engaged and sharing their experience on social media.

Colourful 60s theme event

7. One Cool Party

Ice-themed events are the ultimate remedy to the sticky summers of central London. Amazing advances in cryotechnics can allow for some crazy effects with liquid nitrogen. From instant ice cream stands to bubbling drinks and a mysterious smoky atmosphere, East Wintergarden’s experience of impressive productions makes them an excellent choice for events of this complexity.

unique food creations with liquid nitrogen

7 ½. Capri-suns with an Adult Twist

While not an event theme in itself, we loved this little event bonus. A great addition to drinks parties or a fun thing to add to the garden party theme. Small but unique details go such a long way to creating a great events experience. Quirky bits of flair like this look great and are too good for guests not to share on their Instagrams.

Fun Party Cocktail

East Wintergarden’s prime position in Canary Wharf, makes it supremely accessible for those travelling from the City. It’s an event space in London for those really looking to impress. They’re experts at hosting corporate events and when you bring them an amazing events idea, they’re ready to make it shine.

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