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Create Stand-Out Virtual and Hybrid Events With Arena

Planning and hosting a virtual or hybrid event doesn't need to be complicated or expensive, as Hire Space's new platform, Arena, is out to prove. Arena is an event platform designed by event organisers for event organisers, with the mission of taking the stress out of staging an online event.

With built-in registration forms, integration with all major streaming platforms, interactive live chat, Q&A and polling, audio and video breakout rooms to name a few, Arena has all the important bases covered. But it's the little things like hybrid-ready chat functions, and a fully customisable platform design that make it the most intuitive tool on the market for hosting impressive virtual events.

We've rounded up a few of our favourite features that set Arena apart from the crowd - read on to find out how it can do the same for your next event!

Breakout room on Arena

1. No-show, no-pay guarantee

One of the biggest concerns for event organisers is wasting money on people who register but don't show up to the event. With Arena, you only pay for the number of guests who access the event on the day, unlike other event platforms which charge per head registered.

With flexible pricing starting from just £2 per delegate, your budget will go further with Arena, allowing you more freedom with your invitation list. So, with low pricing and no risk of wasting your budget on no-shows, you can concentrate on the content and let the pennies take care of themselves.

2. Create custom ticket types

If you want your event to feature different experiences for different audiences, or include a tiered system with exclusive access for VIPs, look no further. With Arena, you can create custom ticket types which give ticket holders access to certain content and networking breakouts, all within minutes.

Tailoring the experience to attendees' interests is a tried-and-tested way to drive up engagement, and with Arena's easy-to-use system, you can even personalise attendees' event schedules depending on their ticket type. Or, offer guests the chance to upgrade once the intrigue of the exclusive rooms has worked its magic!

One click event access on Arena

3. Moderated live chat and Q&A panels

It can be alarming when the chat veers off on a tangent, but with Arena the event moderator has full control over what's posted. Mute or block disruptive attendees from the chat with one click, and stay abreast of the discussion topics while speakers are on stage.

The platform's Q&A function also allows attendees to address questions to the speakers via text, and up- or down-vote the questions they want to see answered. The moderator has control over which questions are posed to the speakers, and can also archive the questions to download after the event.

Q&A panel feature on Arena

4. Engage both audiences

Ensuring that both remote and in-person audiences feel involved at your hybrid event is a critical but daunting task. Arena offers a simple solution with QR code access to the virtual chat and Q&A function, allowing attendees to interact and ask questions in the same format, whether in the venue or participating remotely.

In-person attendees can view and contribute to the discussion on their mobiles, while for remote delegates the function is embedded in the stage screen. This unique feature allows audiences to network and share in the event discussions, and is guaranteed to impress delegates and make your event memorable.

Chat function on Arena

5. Avoid annual subscriptions

Most major platforms demand an annual subscription fee; not Arena. As event organisers, the platform's creators were adamant from the outset that Arena wouldn't follow this trend. Instead, each event you run with Arena is affordable and commitment-free - we want you to come back, but we won't hold you hostage!

6. Scale your event seamlessly

Hosting the must-attend event of the year? No sweat! Arena's been robustly tested and can scale past 100,000 attendees without losing an ounce of its ultra-fast, HD streaming quality, so even if everyone and their mother attend, you can be sure they'll all have a great, sleek experience.

Virtual event lobby on Arena

7. One-click event access

Arena offers ultimate ease-of-access for registered attendees, with a simple one-click link sent by email from the platform or your CRM system before the event. No need for passwords or fiddly forms on the day, once guests have registered, they're on our system and good to go.

For extra peace of mind, our dedicated event support team will be on hand to help with managing attendees on the day, leaving you free to enjoy the fruits of your event-planning labours.

8. In-event notifications

Shepherding large numbers of attendees at live events calls for multiple event staff, but with virtual and hybrid events there are (fortunately) no disoriented crowds to deal with. Even so, Arena makes directing virtual audiences so easy it's almost cheating, with in-platform notifications to remind attendees of events and lead them where you want them to go.

Got your main stage keynote kicking off? Let everyone know and send them directly to the right place with scheduled notifications. Now there's no excuse for latecomers!

Virtual event schedule on Arena

9. Live polling

Arena's game-changing polling feature allows you to ask questions and get live in-event feedback from your audience on key topics. This feature is a firm favourite with event organisers, as the real-time interaction keeps audiences engaged as well as providing valuable insights for clients.

Polling feature on Arena

10. Interactive sponsor booths

Bring your sponsors along for the ride with Arena's interactive sponsor booths. Capable of welcoming unlimited sponsors, this feature allows you to also add hierarchy to your sponsors; create bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages with ease!

Each sponsor also has access to customisable calls-to-action, 1-click lead generation via virtual business cards, and in-depth post-event analytics to help sponsors demonstrate ROI to their stakeholders.

sponsor booths

And so much more...

We could go on all day (we haven't even got to the customisable platform designs our creative team can conjure for your event yet) but we think the best way to experience Arena is to try it out yourself.

Interested in finding out more? We're always happy to chat about all the other features that make Arena one-of-a-kind. Get in touch with one of our Arena experts, or book a demo below to see for yourself what Arena has in store!

You could also check out our Ultimate Guide To Hybrid Events for more guidance on executing your own memorable experiences, or talk to us about Hire Space 360 - our all-in-one offering that offers unlimited access to event tech like Arena.


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